UK minister: Israeli leaders are welcome to visit us at any time

UK minister Israeli lea

After Kadima leader and former foreign minister Tzipi Livni canceled a trip to England because an arrest warrant against her was served in a UK court, the country's Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ivan Lewis, told Channel 10 on Wednesday evening that "the situation, as far as we're concerned, is that Israel is a key partner and close friend of the United Kingdom." Lewis said the UK was "obligated to take the necessary actions so that [a similar instance] never happens again," but explained that the arrest warrant was a result of "unintended consequences of law." "Like in Israel," Lewis said, "our judiciary is independent from the government." Lewis said there were several options including legislation, but warned that no "magic wand" can be waved to change the situation overnight. Lewis said the British government "opposes all boycotts of Israel" and is "determined to take whatever action is necessary so that Israeli leaders can visit us at any time."