UN Security Council condemns Iranian terrorist attack

UN condemns Iranian terr

The UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned "in the strongest terms" the recent terrorist attack in an Iranian border city that killed top Revolutionary Guard commanders and dozens of others. A press statement approved by the 15-member council "underlined the need to bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of this reprehensible act of terrorism to justice." According to reports from Teheran, Sunday's suicide bombing killed at least 42 people - including five senior Revolutionary Guard officers - who were attending a conference of tribal and local leaders in the city of Pisin near Iran's border with Pakistan. Iran's UN Mission and the Security Council put the casualty toll higher, saying the attack killed at least 57 people and injured 150 others. The council statement was a response to a letter from Iran's UN Ambassador Mohammad Khazee saying the government expected the council to condemn the attack in the strongest terms and send a message that such acts cannot be tolerated.