US company Raytheon unveils new helmet technology

FARNBOROUGH, England - US defense company Raytheon Inc. is giving the first glimpse of its Scorpion helmet technology for F-16 and A-10 combat jets on a simulator at the Farnborough International Airshow after this week announcing a $12.6 million contract with the US Air Force.
Raytheon is marketing the technology, which transmits data on a single-eye monocle attached to an existing helmet, as a more advanced but also cost-effective alternative to current full visor offerings from its competitors, reflecting belt-tightening in the defense aerospace sector amid large cuts to national military budgets.
Raytheon revealed at Farnborough that it has won a contract for an initial integration and qualification of the helmet-mounted system.
The contract, won against competition from US, European and Israeli companies, is part of a program with five one-year production options worth up to $50 million. Beyond the 1,000 F-16 fighters flown by the US Air Force, Raytheon hopes to capture the market for the estimated 4,000 F-16 aircraft operated by foreign air forces.