US government report faults Bahrain 2011 labor crackdown

WASHINGTON - Bahrain appears to have violated commitments it made to the United States to protect workers rights in its response to a March 2011 general strike at the time of the Arab Spring, the US Labor Department said on Thursday in a report.
"Specifically, the report details that, in the widespread dismissals after the March 2011 general strike, trade unionists and leaders were targeted for firing and, at times, criminal prosecution for their role in the strike, and Shia workers and political critics of the government faced discrimination," the Labor Department said in a statement.
"The report notes that the reinstatement process for these dismissed workers has raised additional concerns of violations of freedom of association and political and sectarian-based discrimination against Shia workers, which reflect the larger context of a deteriorating labor rights environment in Bahrain," the Labor Department said.