US parent killer suspect claims he worked for Mossad, CIA

Eric Bellucci, the 30-year-old US resident who was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport after he attempted to leave Israel following allegations that he stabbed his parents to death, claimed that he worked for the Mossad and US Central Intelligence Agency, according to a New York Post report on Sunday.
According to the report, Bellucci, who arrived in New York Sunday morning after being extradited from Israel, told a high school friend that he was employed by the Israel and American intelligence agencies.
"He told everyone else he was modeling in Israel, but he told me he was working with Mossad," his friend who asked to remain anonymous said. The friend said that Belucci told him that he was also a CIA agent and that he said he wanted "to set up a station in India so I can look at Pakistan." He explained that at first he believed Belucci, who wrote in Hebrew and Italian on his personal Facebook page, since he was unaware of Belucci's previous psychiatric history.