Yishai: Bring Lapid to the City of David, he'll join Shas

Yair Lapid should be brought to the City of David, and then he will also become religious and join Shas, said Interior Minister Eli Yishai at a conference held by by the Israeli Zionist Council and World Zionist Organization Friday.
Emphasizing the importance of the visiting the City of David,Yishai called on mayors to bring youth to tour the site: "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and reflects the Israel's deep roots in its land."
Yishai's jibe at Lapid joined other reactions expressed Thursday by his Shas party, in response to allegations by aspiring politician Yair Lapid that the religious party is "spinning the country on its finger."
Shas mockingly saying that the former journalist "risked his life for the country during his army service, at the B'machane newspaper (the IDF's magazine)."
Also swiping at Lapid's level of academic education, the Shas statement added, "It seems the Israeli public is intelligent enough to understand that this is nothing more than a facade."
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