Yugoslav partisan who saved Jews in Holocaust dies in Israel

IvanVranetic, a Yugoslav partisan who saved Jews during the Holocaust andwent on to head the organization that honors non-Jews who saved Jewsfrom the Nazis, has died in Israel. He was 84.

TheYad Vashem Holocaust memorial recognized Vranetic in 1970 as a"Righteous Among the Nations" for helping Jews find hidingplaces in Croatia during World War II.

Vranetic,who was nicknamed Ivica, later moved to Israel and married one of thewomen he saved. He was granted honorary Israeli citizenship and in1986 was elected chairman of "Righteous Among the Nations."

Morethan 22,700 non-Jews have been recognized by Yad Vashem for riskingtheir lives to save Jews.

Vraneticis survived by his wife, Arna Montilio. He is to be buried Thursdayin Tel Aviv.