Israel moves to adopt European Standards imports rules; enable WiFi 6E

The Communications Ministry has announced a pair of new adjustments to regulations that will enable a cheaper technological future for the country.

 Freight being loaded March 16, 2011 (photo credit: YAAKOV NAUMI/FLASH90)
Freight being loaded March 16, 2011
(photo credit: YAAKOV NAUMI/FLASH90)

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel on Monday said he intends to further facilitate the commercial and private import of several technological products that comply with European regulations. The intended changes will encourage price reductions for imported products with a European Standards mark and significantly increase competition in the gadgets and technological products market.

Instead of undergoing extensive expensive laboratory tests as in the past, importers of tech products will now only be required to produce a European Standards compliance document and a document detailing the wireless features of the devices in question.

Any technological products and gadgets imported into the European Union will be able to be imported into Israel from now on, assuming they have the proper documentation, the Communications Ministry said.

In addition, the ministry decided to allocate additional frequency ranges for technological products imported to Israel, including those operating on Wi-Fi 6E technology. Wi-Fi 6E is an expanded version of the already very efficient Wi-Fi 6, which allows for better coverage, capacity, efficiency and performance, compared with standard 2.4GHz or 5GHz capabilities.

This means cutting-edge devices that can utilize the latest and best version of Wi-Fi will be fully operational in Israel.

 Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel (credit: RAMI ZINGER) Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel (credit: RAMI ZINGER)

“Upon entering the office, I received complaints about Wi-Fi 6E, unauthorized charges in the country and more,” Hendel said, adding that he was satisfied with the implementation of the changes, “despite the [recent] political instability.”

“The regulations I signed today are the result of hard work that will result in better service to citizens,” Hendel said. “From now on, there will be significant relief in importing products with European Standards to Israel. This is a move that will facilitate the parallel import process of technological products and gadgets, increase competition in the market and reduce the cost of living.”

The cost of living

The cost of living is something on everyone’s mind, as gas prices and real estate continue to skyrocket. The adjustments to import regulations can abate rising costs by “reducing registration and promoting competition,” Communications Ministry Director-General Liran Avisar ben Hurin said.

“The Israeli consumer knows how to compare prices and buy smart, as evidenced by online orders from abroad, which are constantly rising,” she said. “The market for gadgets and technological products is changing at a tremendous rate. Regulation should promote innovation and not delay it. Today, we announce another line of products and technologies that will be allowed to enter the country and bring with them innovation and market competition.”