yoaz hendel

yoaz hendel

Communications Ministry announces next step in postal service’s massive reform

A wider array of available digital services, more package delivery options and better customer service may mean Israel’s postal system may not suck forever.

Israel elections: The fall from grace of Ayelet Shaked, once seen as potential PM

Although her party is currently polling at less than 2% of the vote, Shaked continues to benefit from media coverage and attention that are disproportionate to her actual public standing and support.


Netanyahu has finally removed 'liberal' from Likud's identity - opinion

It is time to remove “Liberal” from the party name. Today, the Likud stands for one thing and one thing only: how to keep its leader out of court and jail.


Israel's Yoaz Hendel: Meet the outgoing politician who's still a good man - analysis

Israeli Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel's announcement that he is temporarily leaving politics shows that decency, integrity and getting things done are not enough.


Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel drops out of election as lists consolidate

Hendel initially parted ways with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked from their Zionist Spirit Party just four days before the deadline to submit electoral lists for the 25th Knesset.

Israel elections: Ayelet Shaked to spearhead Jewish Home list

The interior minister joined forces with the faction she left along with former prime minister Naftali Bennett back in 2018.

Netanyahu is the problem, not the solution -Yoaz Hendel

"For the past three years there has been political chaos," Hendel said at the Jerusalem Post's New York conference.

Is the Shaked-Bennett era over? -analysis

The two stuck together through thick and thin for over a decade, but it seems that in the jungle that is Israeli politics, their roads have finally diverged.

Israel Elections: Decisions to be made before parties give their lists

Questions involving a number of Israeli political parties will need to be decided until Thursday's deadline, and could lead to last-minute drama.

Ayelet Shaked and Yoaz Hendel part ways days before electoral deadline

Just a little over a month after launching a joint campaign together, Ayelet Shaked is parting ways with Yoaz Hendel.

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