Israel's Bezeq connects directly to UAE and Bahrain in partnership with Arc

Bezeq and Dubai's Arc are creating telecom connections between Tel Aviv, Dubai, and a growing number of countries across the Middle East.

 Billboards on the UAE Embassy to Israel commemorating one year to the Abraham Accords, September 14, 2021. (photo credit: DANIEL AHARONI, SHACHAR SIGAL)
Billboards on the UAE Embassy to Israel commemorating one year to the Abraham Accords, September 14, 2021.

Arc Solutions, a Dubai-based telecom infrastructure solutions provider, has signed an agreement with Israel's leading internet service provider (ISP) and IT solutions provider, Bezeq International (BI), to deploy its network in Bezeq's data center in Tel Aviv.

Arc and BI are creating the lowest latency route between regional hubs in the UAE, Global Zone Bahrain,  Smarthub UAE and Israel, enabling partners and customers to access a more interconnected Middle East.

“Arc’s partnership with Bezeq International is a great step forward for the growing co-operation between Israel and the UAE," according to Arc CEO Mahesh Jaishankar. "Our customers can now access the lowest latency routes to Europe via Israel and support users with a high quality of experience when using their applications and services.

“We are excited to offer this route to customers and enable them to diversify how they connect across the region," he said. "Bezeq International is a great partner, and it is great to be working with the team in Israel on this landmark initiative.”  

Israel is a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with more start-ups per capita than any other country, making it a key market in the Middle East. BI is the No. 1 ISP in Israel, its leading international telecommunications services provider, and part of Israel's largest and leading telecom group. 

Strong interconnection with regional and international networks is vital, as the country’s public and private sector and foreign investment scale investment in infrastructure to support emerging digital technologies such as cloud, IoT, and AI. 

Arc and Bezeq International share a common vision of making interconnectivity across the entire region as seamless as possible.

Arc is a provider of integrated networking solutions, launched as an independent provider with investments from telecom companies du (UAE) and Batelco (Bahrain).

These networking solutions simplify connecting and optimizing applications and services across the Middle East. Arc provides networking that delivers rapid access to networks, points of presence, data center infrastructure and subsea cable systems.

With Arc's capabilities and infrastructure, it can provide seamless connectivity across the region’s commercial and communication hubs.

This new, promising partnership comes on the heels of the Abraham Accords, which significantly boosted business and trade across its member countries, breaking barriers between Israel and the rest of the Middle East.

Since the signing of the accords in 2020, its member countries have concluded over 127 memorandums boosting the trade and connections of the accords' members.

These newly established connections have resulted in $1.46 billion in increased trade. In 2021 alone, trade between Israel and other Middle Eastern members grew by approximately 222%.

“There are tremendous growth opportunities for Arc and Bezeq International as we collaborate to connect digital innovation across the region. Arc shares our belief in seamless inter-regional connectivity and delivering new choice when connecting locally and across the globe,” said Ron Glav, VP Business Division & Global Alliances at Bezeq International.

"The Israel–United Arab Emirates agreement has just found us ready to supply, taking advantage of Israel's unique geographic position as a hub connecting between Europe, Asia, and Africa and new Middle Eastern markets," he said.

"Together, we are providing the foundation for both Bezeq International and Arc customers to extend their reach, expand their portfolio and access new opportunities in key markets across the Middle East.”

In an uncertain near future the Middle East, the large-scale projects pioneered by Bezeq and Arc serve as a beacon of stability and growth.

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Together with the promising economic projections brought by the Abraham Accords, The new partnership is proving to be a positive point in unstable times.