Netanyahu trial: Did prosecution bribery charge suffer major blow?

A witness at the public corruption trial of Benjamin Netanyahu testified that the Bezeq reforms were desirable, not obligatory.

A Tnuva truck enters the company's logistic centre in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi, Israel Ma

Israel's largest companies issued massive recalls. That's concerning - editorial

This has to improve for the average citizen, for the government and for the companies that think they can keep getting away with it.

bezeq 248.88

How are Israeli phone companies doing? Second quarter reviews are out

The communications industry experienced positive results in the second quarter after years of losses. Here are the numbers.


Breach of trust, fraud charges against former Bezek execs dropped

The indictment that attributed fraud and breach of trust to former Bezek and Yes executives, one of which is involved in Netanyahu's case 4000, has been dropped by court.

Filber defends trying to exempt Bezeq from key hearing

Former top aide to ex-PM says motivation was policy, not bribery

Netanyahu lawyers try to get Filber to undermine prosecution

Despite Filber’s help to the prosecution earlier in the case, Filber on Tuesday made many statements undermining the prosecution’s case.

Will Filber back off from accusing Netanyahu of abusing power?

Former top Netanyahu aide Shlomo Filber has been one of the prosecution’s two main witnesses for Case 4000, the Bezeq-Walla Affair.

Filber: Netanyahu asked me if any laws were broken regarding Bezeq

Shlomo Filber said that Netanyahu questioned him about the legality of Bezeq dealings in order to create for himself an alibi.

Netanyahu yelled at me for not firing official blocking Bezeq wishes - Filber

'Why haven't you fired him!' ex-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly demanded of his former aide turned state's witness, Shlomo Filber.

Prosecution tries to corner Filber into helping convict Netanyahu

Shlomo Filber Ex-top aide to the ex-PM Netanyahu tries to help both sides.

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