Life hangs in balance for ill Israeli seeking blood donations in Peru

Magen David Adom made arrangements with Peru in order to send blood and other components needed to save a young Israeli woman's life.

Magen David Adom ambulances (photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
Magen David Adom ambulances
(photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
Magen David Adom was preparing on Monday to fly blood and blood components to Peru to try to save the life of Zohar Katz, a young Israeli trekker who, after a visit to Brazil, suffered a severe infection from virulent bacteria. She is in a Lima hospital’s intensive care unit.
MDA was responding to the request of MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid) and acting in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry with help from the Migdal insurance company.
The woman needs dozens of blood units to replace those in her body that are infected. The blood units and components need to be packaged in a special way to keep them at a suitable temperature during the trip.
Initially, it was reported that Peru does not let units of blood from abroad into their country, but MDA made arrangements for the transfer. Dr. Asher Mozer, deputy head of MDA’s blood services and a senior hematologist, will fly to Peru to bring the units, help infuse Katz and conduct examinations to see if she is capable of flying back to Israel in an air ambulance.
Prof. Eilat Shinar, head of MDA’s blood services, expects to be in contact with doctors at the Peruvian hospital so the necessary authorizations can be issued.