Meet the Israeli startup using avocado to combat wrinkles

Israeli start-up company AvoMed will develop a technology to produce a unique and natural compound from avocado seeds for the treatment of skin damage and inflammatory disorders.

 Illustrative image of an avocado. (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Illustrative image of an avocado.
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

New patented technology out of an Israeli startup company AvoMed is hoping to help treat damaged skin and inflammatory disorders — using avocado seeds. 

The method was developed on the basis of research conducted for over a decade, which relies on the multi-functional effectiveness of a compound called BioActive PFA.

Why is everyone so obsessed with avocados?

Avocado seeds are by-products of the industrial process of avocado products, remaining in factories that produce guacamole (avocado spread), frozen avocados, avocado oil and others. They have to be destroyed, and their destruction requires controlled treatment because, in the process of organic decomposition, an active substance is released that pollutes the soil

Compounds found in the avocado tree — from the root to the fruit — are used to treat various health conditions in humans, including twenty groups of bioactive compounds present in the chain of long lipid molecules found in the tree and fruit.

Afula-based SupPlant's Growth Based Irrigation technology used at an avocado plantation (credit: SUPPLANT)Afula-based SupPlant's Growth Based Irrigation technology used at an avocado plantation (credit: SUPPLANT)

Now, scientists figured out the effectiveness of the PFA compound to alleviate a variety of skin problems that result from excess exposure to the sun's rays. Sun damage, also called photoaging, results from exposure to UV rays which damage skin cells. 

What skin damage are we talking about?

Common signs of this damage are deep and fine lines, spots, visible fine blood vessels and uneven skin tone.

AvoMed has developed and launched a line of cosmetic products based on PFA, appealing to a target audience of women and men who are interested in the care, relief and protection of their skin using natural products, which contain multi-functional components and have scientifically proven effectiveness. 

AvoMed products are based on many studies in Israel — from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot and the Hadassah-University Medical Center campuses in Jerusalem — and in the US at the Skin Axis laboratories. The company is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority, and has four registered and approved patents in Israel and the USA.

Also, four patent registration applications have been submitted in the European Union, the United States and China, which are in various stages of approval. 

What is AvoMed?

AvoMed was established in 2016 under the leadership of Oded Bashan, who serves as active chairman, with 40 years of experience in managing leading technology companies from the establishment stage to stock issuance in the United States.

The company recently recruited Shai Ben Sayid as a CEO who has extensive experience in international business development, investment banking and strategic partnerships in the field of agro-tech. 

AvoMed started raising funds through the Peoplebiz platform in the SAFE route, for the purpose of increasing the scope of production to an industrial scale, leveraging the marketing system and starting sales in 2023, further development of the product line, registration of patents and continued research.