New Israeli innovation could mean more avocados for everyone in the near future

Researchers at MIGAL Galilee Research Institute have developed a way to produce avocado starts in sterile tissue cultures- a global first.

What are the main benefits of eating avocado?

You don’t need any excuses to eat avocado every day, but if you have a guilty conscience about it for some reason, here are the results from five studies that will absolve your feelings.

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Israeli researchers find the perfect temperature to save avocados

The rise in temperature due to global warming has led to a shortage of the popular avocado plant, driving researchers to seek out the optimal conditions for its survival.

Israel looking to expand avocado production into Morocco

The largest grower and exporter of citrus in Israel is leaving the country to grow avocados to meet the rising demand for the fruit.

Avocado: Israel's most economic crop

The demand for the popular fruit is rising endlessly * Israel exports about 45% of its avocado produce.

Attempted theft targets 1,000 kg. of avocados

Holy guacamole! Border Police is investigating the incident.

Israelis outraged as a kilogram of avocados can reach up to NIS 100

Many in the report have expressed their anger at the high prices currently presented on the market, with some people interviewed saying most of the product is unusable.

Summer pasta salads 1

Woman hospitalized after confusing wasabi for avocado

An ultrasound revealed “some dysfunction in her heart’s left ventricle,” which persisted for several days.


Green Gold, Israeli innovation to solve world avocado needs

The Galil avocado strain ends the summer avocado seasonal scarcity, hitting the stores as the season of the tasty South American fruit begins.

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