Conference Circuit

AMONG THE growing professions in light of various economic changes in Israel are those of pension agents and financial consultants specializing in pensions.

Sunday, July 8 LIKUD CHAIRMAN and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be the keynote speaker at a memorial evening at the Jabotinsky Institute to mark the 67th anniversary of the demise of the head of Betar Binyamin Ze'ev Jabotinsky, whose principles continue to be the guidelines for many Jewish right wing movements. The event, at the Jabotinsky Museum, 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv, will be moderated by Jabotinsky Institute Director-General Yossi Ahimeir. For further details, call Yossi Ahimeir at (03) 621-0620. RECENT EVENTS in Israel and the Palestinian Authority have changed the political atmosphere on both sides. While Kassam rockets threaten and disrupt everyday life in Sderot, the Geneva Initiative has chosen Sderot as the venue for a special conference to discuss the alternatives and solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Palestinian representatives have been invited and will speak in Sderot for the first time. Among the speakers will be Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal; head of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, Alon Shuster; MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz-Yahad); MK Shai Hermesh (Kadima); former director-general of the Israeli Palestinian peace coalition and spokesperson for Mohammed Dahalan, journalist Elias Znaniri; and president of Sapir College, Prof. Ze'ev Tzahor. Discussion will be facilitated by Gadi Baltiansky, Geneva Initiative director-general. The conference will be held at Sapir College, which is fast developing into the major venue for conferences in and about Sderot - it also was used by the Israel Broadcasting Authority for special radio and television broadcasts from Sderot as Tzahor made space available for makeshift studios. THE FIFTH annual International Conference in Israel organized by Kolech, the Religious Women's Forum, will be held at the Pavilion Conference Center, Jerusalem under the heading - To Be a Jewish Woman. Plenary sessions will deal with Alternative Rabbinic Courts - an alternative or more of the same?; Moot Court or Let the Oppressed Go Free; Women and halacha - the Vision and the Reality; Women Making Movies. Other subjects to be discussed in workshop sessions: Women entangled in Rabbinical Bureaucracy; Israel's tough attitude to converts; Romance in the face of a pre-nuptial agreement; A community on trail - the influence of women's activity in the synagogue; The necessity of the Mehitzah; Women, the economy and making a living; from economic exclusion to economic empowerment. For further details and registration, call 1-800-350-320. Tuesday, July 10 AMONG THE growing professions in light of various economic changes in Israel are those of pension agents and financial consultants specializing in pensions. A conference for people in these categories organized by Haaretz Conferences and sponsored by various insurance companies dealing with major pension schemes, will be held at the Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv, and wil l focus on market volatility, long-term savings in an era of pension consumerism, fears and promises, how to know which is the best pension scheme; managing pensions; new trends, etc. For further details and registration, call Elinor (03) 512-1748 or (03) 513-2471. ETAI (English Teachers' Association of Israel) will hold its Annual National Conference at the David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem. The theme of the two-day conference is "Wheels of Change," encompassing a broad range of topics, as they pertain to English teachers. Featured speakers will be James Kennard (Australia), Gail Weinstein (US), Karen Love (New Zealand), Judy Steiner (Israel), Richard Curwin (US), Penny Ur (Israel) and Emily Budick (Israel). Admission will be charged at the door. For further details, call the ETAI office: (02) 500-1844. PRIME MINISTER Ehud Olmert will deliver the keynote address at the Ingaural Policy Conference of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute at the Mount Zion Hotel, Jerusalem. Participants in the conference include President-elect Shimon Peres, government ministers and members of Knesset and 120 major Jewish leaders, decision makers and people of influence from all over the world, as well as leading experts and thinkers on issues of geopolitics, Jewish identity, community and leadership. The conference will work to fashion broad strategic concepts for the Jewish people in light of the dangers it faces and the opportunities with which it will be presented in the coming years. Olmert will speak on his vision of the Jewish People and Israel-Diaspora Relations. The opening keynote addresses on the first morning of the conference will be delivered by Ambassador Dennis Ross, who will speak on "Strategic Thinking for the Jewish People" and Professor Irwin Cotler, whose topic is "The Gathering Storm: Strategic Challenges on the Jewish Policy Horizon." On Wednesday, opposition leader and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu will address the conference at the JPPPI's new headquarters in Givat Ram, and on Thursday, sessions will be held from 11 a.m. at Mishekonot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem. For further details, contact JPPPI spokesman Arik Puder (052) 582-0820. Wednesday, July 11 STEP Jerusalem Fourth Wealth Management Seminar: International Investment Strategies 6:00 p.m. Beit Ticho, 9 HaRav Kook Street, Jerusalem. Israeli tax ramifications of offshore investments will be discussed by Leon Harris, Ernst & Young; Risk profiling & investment diversification strategies will be examined by Philip Braude, Anglo Capital Ltd; US, Israeli and international investment portfolios will be addressed by Doug Goldstein, Ian Egert and Braude; and hedge funds are the subject of Chris Trower, Nedgroup Investment Advisors UK Ltd. Cost is NIS 35 per person (free to STEP members). Reservations are required. Call (02) 992-1519 or e-mail Thursday, July 12 The Israel Council on Foreign Relations in conjunction with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center will host a lecture by Sahana Pradhan, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal, who will speak on "The Foreign Policy of Nepal in the Changed Political Context." The event, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Begin Heritage Center, 6 Nahon Street, Jerusalem, will be chaired by Ambassador (ret.) Dr. Moshe Yegar, senior editor of the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs. Sunday, July 15 ONE OF the mightiest blessings ever on the House of Israel will be recited by hundreds of priests (Cohanim) in the course of an international conference of Cohens and Levis that will take place over a four-day period in Jerusalem. In addition to hearing lectures on the duties and obligations of Cohens and Levis, participants will engage in Temple-oriented field seminars, and will hear lectures on genealogy and genetics related to the status of the Cohen and proof that he really is one. For further information, call: (02) 626-0632. Wednesday, July 18 SOCIAL AFFAIRS Minister Isaac Herzog, whose responsibilities also include the Israel Broadcasting Authority and Diaspora Affairs including the Fight Against Anti-Semitism, is scheduled to be among the speakers at an event marking the publication of the revised edition of Nahum Sokolov's book World Hatred for the Eternal People. The original version was published 125 years ago by Goldman Press in Warsaw. A rare copy of the 1882 edition belongs to Coca Cola (Israel) Chairman Muzi Wertheim who approached the Jabotinsky Institute with the request that it be revised and re-edited into contemporary Hebrew. The Jabotinsky Institute took up the challenge and commissioned noted journalist and editor Moshe Schnitzer to update the Hebrew. The first edition of the revised book, which is less relevant today than when Sokolov, a prominent Zionist leader and journalist, wrote it, was presented to Likud leader and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Among the other speakers at the event will be retired judge Hadassa Ben-Ito who is at the forefront of efforts to expose anti-Semitism where it exists and to fight it with all the democratic means at her disposal. Unlike most events organized by the Jabotinsky Institute, this one will NOT be held at its premises, but more fittingly at Beit Sokolov, the headquarters of the Federation of Israel Journalists, 4 Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv, at 6 p.m. For further details, call Jabotinsky Institute Director-General Yossi Ahimeir (03) 621-0420 or (054) 661-1882.