It's time for you to relax and get your kids moving

A few minutes of relaxation and meditation a day will help you calm down and lower your heart beat, and now you can even meditate while sitting in front of your own computer screen.

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yoga meditation 88
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A few minutes of relaxation and meditation a day will help you calm down and lower your heart beat, and now you can even meditate while sitting in front of your own computer screen. Mantra is a meditation program that works on your PC, developed by doctors, psychologists, and computer engineers according to the Feedback method. If you use it for 15 minutes a day, they claim your stress will be reduced. The Mantra program is installed from a CD and a special Mantra mouse is connected to a USB port. This mouse has little sensors, and when you put your hand on it with the fingertips covering the sensors, the Mantra will register your heartbeat. You can then listen to relaxing music, or to a voice that guides you through some imaginary voyage (you have a choice between Hebrew and Russian). I had a little bit of trouble installing the mouse, but figured it out in the end, and even though I didn't care very much for the spoken meditation guidance ("You are now running downhill; suddenly you're flying, you've never felt so good"), my pulse rate did go down significantly, as indicated by the graph on the screen. You can purchase the Mantra from Real Life, by calling 1-700-700-956; the price is NIS 295, including delivery. To check it out, go to, where you can view a Power Point presentation. Another aid for relaxation is the natural Bach Rescue Remedy, something certain Hollywood stars swear by, apparently. Bach therapy is based on flower extracts, and Rescue Remedy contains five diluted Bach flower extracts (cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, and star of Bethlehem), providing comfort and reassurance, or so the makers claim. A 10 ml. bottle, available at pharmacies, is NIS 55. OBESITY IS becoming a big problem among children these days because they spend too much time in front of the television or computer screen and don't have enough physical activity. Kidsport has gym equipment especially made for children ages four-to-eight, such as a kiddie-treadmill, an exercise bike or a weight-lifting bench. The equipment comes in bright colors (red, yellow and blue) and would look good in any children's room (maybe as an alternative to the television/computer). You can order Kidsport equipment through the Internet at, where you can see clear pictures and descriptions, or by calling 04-983-4344. FOR BRIGHTER, whiter teeth you can try the new Colgate Simply White toothpaste, a good alternative to the strips you put on your teeth or the gel you have to brush on - some of which is uncomfortable for people with sensitive teeth. Simply White promises you whiter teeth in 14 days, and it contains hydrogen peroxide, the same ingredient used by dentists to bleach your teeth. The toothpaste and the whitening gel are stored separately inside the tube, and come out as two stripes (blue and white) when you squeeze the tube. Colgate Simply White, supposedly better than any ordinary whitening toothpaste, is available at SuperPharm stores for NIS 30 a tube. A LOT of parents use monitors to hear what's going on in baby's room, but the Lindam Baby Talk monitor does more than let you listen in. The Baby Talk is not only an intercom, but also has a built-in night light in the baby unit, giving a soft light. It also displays the room temperature. The monitor works on batteries or with electricity and can be purchased in baby stores for NIS 499. We already knew Cilit Bang to be a very good all-purpose cleaner, and now we have another Cilit Bang product in a spray flacon - an all-purpose grease remover. The grease remover lets you clean ovens, stove tops, counter space, and tiles effortlessly. you can even use it to clean pots, frying pans, or baking trays, although I admit to not having tried that option yet. A 750 ml. bottle of Cilit Bang grease remover is NIS 27.95. The La Cat company, makers of, of course, cat food, have new dry food suitable for kittens and young cats up to the age of one. The new food is supposedly adapted to the teeth and gums of the little kittens and is easy to chew and digest. The La Cat cat food is vitamin and mineral enriched, and is packed in a material that prevents oxidation of the food. A 400 gr. package of the kitten food is NIS 13 while 2.85 kilo sells for NIS 59. MARCH 8 is International Women's Day, and what would be better than to pamper yourself for a change, to celebrate the occasion? The Pausa Spa in Nahariya offers a special mid-week deal for a couple, including an overnight stay in Kibbutz Kabri, a meal, a Cleopatra milk and aromatic oils bath, a 45-minute massage, and the use of the spa facilities. The price for this package-for-two is NIS 990, and the deal lasts until the end of March. Wouldn't it be nice to do a load of laundry and find money in your laundry detergent? If you buy a package of Colon detergent, especially suitable for white laundry, you have a chance (probably slim) to find a 20, 50 or 100 shekel bill inside, or a check for NIS 10,000. You can find this offer in 1.25 kilo, 2.5 kilo, and 5 kilo packages of Colon, while supplies last. Nirlat is now marketing a new kind of paint called "Nirlat Natural," based on natural ingredients only. The paint is especially suitable for children's rooms, since it poses less risk for allergic reactions and doesn't smell strong. The paint can be mixed with all 1,500 available Nirlat shades. A three-liter can of Nirlat Natural costs NIS 130 and can be purchased at Ace, Shilav, and selected paint stores. BUSINESS PEOPLE who fly frequently will be happy with the new Samsonite suitcases. Among others, the Hommage trolley suitcase stores your laptop, and has more pockets for documents. This elegant looking suitcase is made of fabric combined with leather, and can be taken on the plane. Another Samsonite suitcase lets you store suits on a hanger, and whatever else is needed for a short trip; this suitcase also can be taken on the plane. The price for these suitcases is high: NIS 2,240, which makes it affordable, really, only for people who fly business class anyway. Dr. Lek, the ice cream stores that sell 25 different flavors of ice cream and sherbet, now also offers a Belgian Wafer Special, a wafer baked on the spot, sprinkled with hot syrup (you can choose from maple and chocolate), topped with two scoops of ice cream of your choice and a heap of whipped cream. The price for this delicious dessert treat is NIS 23.90. In addition, you can get a sahlab, for those who like this hot drink during the winter months, for NIS 10. The Beitili stores are celebrating their 20th birthday, and if you have bought furniture from this store in the past and still happen to have the receipt (which is tricky), you will be rewarded for this with a set of espresso cups. Just show the receipt and you will get your gift. Also with this receipt, you can purchase a comfy leather chair for NIS 999 instead of NIS 2,500 and an 18-piece set of plates is sold for NIS 59 instead of NIS 159. All these deals are valid until the end of April.