This summer enjoy some soccer, magic, wine and the sun

Real soccer fans who want to be reminded of their favorite sport at all times will enjoy the Logitech computer mouse with the black-and-white pattern of a soccer ball.

soccer mouse 88 (photo credit: )
soccer mouse 88
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TO REFRESH and pamper tired and/or swollen feet on a hot summer day, a foot mask does miracles. Montagne Jeunesse has single-use foot masks and scrubs that come in a package shaped like a foot. The available varieties are Foot Cooler, a nourishing cream; Foot Soak & Foot Lotion, which is supposedly anti-stress; Deodorizing Foot Scrub, to soften calloused skin; and Tired Leg Gel. The packages are available in pharmacies and supermarkets for NIS 8.90 a piece. REAL SOCCER fans who want to be reminded of their favorite sport at all times will enjoy the Logitech computer mouse with the black-and-white pattern of a soccer ball. Logitech has come up with this soccer-mouse (not wireless) especially for the FIFA championship games. You can get it in computer stores for NIS 89. THE BEGINNING of the summer and post-hagim period is a time when diet products are very popular, especially with those who want to look good in bathing suits and more skimpy summer clothes. A new product in Israel is called, a liquid based on 10 plant extracts made by Arkopharma, supposedly cleansing your system and speeding up the metabolism. A few measurement cups of the liquid have to be mixed in with a 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water every day; one bottle of is enough for 10 days. The drink tastes a little funny, but it's bearable - at least you'll keep drinking during the day, which is not a bad thing. The product is available at pharmacies for NIS 99.95. TO PROTECT your children sitting in the back seat of the car from the hot sun, Munchkin has a very cute side-window sun block shade, which is decorated with flowers, butterflies and bees. The shade protects from harmful UV-rays and has a button at the top that can be pushed to adjust or roll up the shade. At the bottom of the shade is a button that serves as a heat alert: the word "hot" will appear when the car interior is too hot. The White Hot Safety Sunblock Shade costs NIS 59.90, and is available at baby and toy stores such as Toys "R" Us, Shilav and Kfar HaSha'ashuim. THE BIG Maestro kit full of magic tricks by Dimant will provide kids with hours of entertainment (and you, as the audience). The box contain all the items kids need to play their tricks on you - even a hat, gloves, magic wand and cape; an instruction booklet will explain 200 different tricks. The Big Maestro is suitable for kids ages six and up and is available at Toys "R" Us and other toy stores for NIS 99. IT PAYS to buy a few L'Or al products these days, since with every purchase of eight products (make-up, hair products, face creams, etc.) you will receive an elegant make-up bag with a pull-out mirror and a full-size face cream and eye make-up remover inside for free. In order to get this gift, you will need to send in a card (to get it, call 1-800-37-06-06) and eight proofs of purchase (receipts) to L'Or al, and they will send you the make-up bag. The deal is valid until the end of August. IF YOU feel like changing the accessories in your pocketbook for the summer, you can get a new Just wallet for not too much money. The inside and outside colors of the new models differ, for example, you can get one that is powder blue on the outside and beige on the inside. The wallets are rather big and made out of soft, flexible material. Inside, there is plenty of room for credit and other plastic cards; there are two straps that can hold a check book; and compartments for coins and bills. Also, on the outside, there is a zipped compartment for items you need to have easy access to. The Just wallets are available in the Just stores, Tik HaTikim, Arnakei Shula and other selected stores for NIS 99. THE STYLE aloe vera gel with sea buckthorn oil is a calming gel for the skin that will help heal all kinds of little wounds and infections. My daughter liked the soothing effect of it when she got some sunburn on her shoulders, and we also used it to get the itch out of mosquito bites. The gel is enriched with Vitamin C and E, and thanks to the Vitamin A, it has a bright orange color. A 200 ml. tube of the Style aloe vera and sea buckthorn oil gel costs NIS 19.90. KIDS WHO like soccer can have fun with the interactive computer game Football Tigers that now comes free with the purchase of a Kellogg's breakfast cereal. The CD lets the kids "practice" different aspects of the soccer game, and the Kellogg's character Tony the Tiger serves as the trainer. The game sits inside a 500 gr. box of Frosties, Coco Pops, etc., or the cereals for grown-ups c Cornflakes or Crunchy Nuts. The deal is valid until the end of the month. S.O.S. BUCAL is a 100% natural spray that treats sores inside the mouth or inflamed gums. The spray contains resin of the Croton tree found in the Amazon jungle, which supposedly helps heal cold sores inside the mouth, herpes on lips, and gum inflammations. The spray can also be used by children from age one and up; it is not absorbed in the blood stream. The S.O.S. Bucal spray is sold in pharmacies and most health funds for NIS 85 a bottle. YOU CAN now purchase a rather large bathing towel for your kid, measuring one by two meters, decorated with a cute picture of Winnie the Poo and Piglet, for only NIS 20 when buying two packages of Huggies diapers. The deal is valid until the end of June at the SuperPharm chain, when buying two packages of Huggies Freedom or Supreme. THEATER LOVERS can take advantage of a deal offered by Ariel laundry detergent, which has made a deal with the Cameri Theater group. If you buy a package of Ariel laundry detergent, you can get a second theater ticket for free when purchasing one. You can use the ticket coupon for selected theater shows of the Cameri Theater. The deal is valid at the Supersol Big stores until July 3, and the ticket can be used until August 31. KEF HAS a new series of mineral soaps aimed at a somewhat younger public. The three new soapless soaps with minerals are called Ocean (blue color), Earth (green color) and Energy (red color). The price for the soaps is reasonable: NIS 15 for a 750 ml. bottle. BARKAN'S DOMAINE wines are young wines made out of grapes from different domains, such as Latrun, Tabor or Shimshon. The varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Petit Sirah and Emerald Riesling. The prices for these wines are not too high: NIS 25 to NIS 30 a bottle and, until the end of June, you even get six 1.5 liter bottles of the new Aquanova purified water free when buying two bottles of Domaine wine.