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To give your bedroom a fresh touch for spring, a new set of bed linens can do wonders.

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TO GIVE your bedroom a fresh touch for spring, a new set of bed linens can do wonders. Vardinon has a collection of bed linens in bright, lively colors or elegant flower designs. New in the collection is, among others, the purple-pink-orange satin Shiva design, the Primavera with flowers and butterflies, the orange-red Genevieve, the black and orange striped pattern called Sunset or the green-orange-pink-red-and white striped Rio Grande. To check out the Spring-Summer collection, go to www.vardinon.co.il. Prices differ according to the material - a set for a double bed (fitted sheet, two pillow cases and a blanket cover) is NIS 600 for satin linens, NIS 400 for 100% cotton sheets, and NIS 300 for a 50% cotton, 50% polyester set. There currently is a 30% reduction on some sets, or you can purchase a set of four big towels for only NIS 100 (instead of NIS 400) when buying something from the new collection for NIS 250 or more. This deal is valid until the end of April. AND IF you want to give your (grand) child a nice gift in lieu of the Afikoman, you can choose from one of the linen sets with designs based on popular Hebrew children's books, such as Yael's House, House for Rent, or Tale of Five Balloons. The set of linens are sold together with the book. Until the end of April, two sets are sold for the special price of NIS 330 (instead of NIS 600). The furniture stores are offering good deals at the occasion of the holiday, when a lot of people do a make-over of their home. The Beitili stores offer a 20 inch Marantz LCD television for just NIS 1,700 if you buy furniture (or anything else at the store) for NIS 10,000 or more. Those who spend NIS 5,000 at the store can buy a Marantz home theater set for NIS 500. I.D. Design also gives gifts to big spenders: If you buy for NIS 15,000 worth of furniture in this store, you will receive a free HP Pavilion portable computer, worth NIS 4,800. The deal is valid until the end of April. BIG ELECTRIC appliances stores now throw in gifts with each purchase of a big item. For example, you can buy a portable DVD-player, which you can use in the car or at home, for NIS 399 when buying an Amana refrigerator at any electric appliance store. And if you buy a Sauter built-in oven at Shekem Electric and at the Elem stores, you can choose from three items - a cellular phone, printer or microwave oven - for just NIS 99. At Shekem Electric you will get a Cannon printer for free if you buy a digital camera, and an HP printer is thrown in for free with the purchase of a portable computer. At Elem, you can find special deals such as a NIS 500 to NIS 1,900 refund for your old refrigerator if you buy a new Samsung model. If you buy a Samsung or Electrolux washing machine, you can purchase a Samsung vacuum cleaner for only NIS 199, and if you buy a Bosch or Siemens product at any chain where they sell this brand, you will receive a voucher worth NIS 500 entitling you to receive Soltam pots, pans or cutlery. YOU WILL help a good cause when buying a Haggada decorated by the Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman at the Tsomet Hasefarim stores. This Haggada is beautifully decorated with the artist's trademark sheep. Profits from the sale will go to Wizo to help needy children. A simple, soft-cover Haggada is NIS 25, while a hard-cover, with Hebrew and English text, is NIS 90. OTHER BEAUTIFUL Haggadot are made by Danon. For example, an illustrated one with a pewter decoration with the word Pessah on the cover, sells for NIS 74. This company also makes nice serving dishes for the haroset (NIS 84), or a set of four napkin holders in the shape of fish or pomegranates (NIS 72). Danon products can be found in selected gift stores and jewelry stores. RICH-LOOKING antique Seder plates, made out of copper with a pewter covering, can be found in Limon, a design center in Moshav Beit Yitzhak for NIS 270. The HaTsorfim silver stores have a special deal on a wine cup that sits on a matching plate. The wine cup, from the Margarita collection, is now sold for NIS 389, instead of NIS 660. The deal is valid until April 19. SOME WINE packages from the Binyamina wineries have a wine bottle decorated with one of Menashe Kadishman's sheep, produced especially for the Milbat Foundation. The profits from the sales of those wines will go to this foundation, which helps handicapped children. A regular sized bottle is NIS 50 and a large, 1.5 liter magnum bottle is NIS 250. Also available are a set of three discs with songs by Ehud Manor for NIS 75, or a box containing wine plus discs for NIS 125. The Internet site of the foundation is www.milbat.org.il. BEAUTIFUL AND practical gift packages for the holiday can be found at the Candyland stores, filled with chocolates and other goodies. For example, a box with romantic decorations, which looks suspiciously like a Michal Negrin imitation, filled with chocolate pralines is NIS 79.90. Inside the box there is a package of cards on which you have room to write down your favorite recipes, so you can keep using this box in the kitchen after you finish the chocolate. Other gifts are a backpack filled with candy, a terracotta pot on a stand with tea light (both NIS 119.90), or a glass bowl filled with chocolates and wine (NIS 179.90). To check out the gifts, go to www.candyland.co.il. A LOT of good kosher-for-Pessah coffee deals are available in the supermarkets right now. The red Elite instant coffee tin now comes with a free mug decorated by an Israeli artist (another one in this series, which has become a holiday tradition). Elite Aroma coffee comes with two free mugs and the Platinum Classic comes with a small bottle of Barkan wine or with a tablet of Splendid chocolate. Nescafe Red Mug comes in a special package where you get two 200 gr. jars for NIS 39.70 (instead of NIS 52.90) while a 200 gr. jar of Nescafe Taster's Choice comes with a storage tin with retro design or with another small 100 gr. jar for free. ELITE IS offering several kosher-for-Pessah desserts, such as cake with plums (NIS 14.55); a chocolate cake or a marble cake (both NIS 13.55); butter flavored cookies with nuts and caramel flavored cookies with coconut (both NIS 10.40 a package); and even kosher-for-Pessah wafers (NIS 12.90). Papouchado has some sweet chocolate flavored coated cookies that are prepared without the use of water, but with a little wine. the cookies are NIS 11 for a 400 gr. bag. If you prefer chocolate coated matza instead of the dry, plain ones, Papouchado has this type of treat too, at NIS 11 for a 200 gr. package. Kvutzat Yavne gives you a chance to win NIS 1,000 when buying three of their products (olives and pickles) at a Supersol, Coop or Mega supermarket. After buying the products, you are invited to call a number and participate in a lottery. Twenty families will be the lucky winners of a NIS 1,000 check. At the Supersol, Jumbo, Imperia and Hetsi Kupa supermarkets, selected Yavne products are selling with an extra 20% for free. ANOTHER ONE of those deals on cleaning products abundant this time of year is the one offered by Johnson's Toilet Duck: If you buy two Toilet Duck cleaning products, you will receive the third for free. Participating products are the liquid cleaning gel (in the bottles with the duck bottleneck), toilet bowl refreshing gel in holder and the toilet brush with disposable cleaning heads. The deal lasts until the end of April. YACOBI HAS new Hepi dishwasher tablets, making sure your dishes are clean and shiny. The Hepi tablets, clean, shine, contain salt, give shine to your silverware and protect your glassware from becoming dull. Currently, you will receive seven tablets for free in each package. A 40 tablet-package costs NIS 40. TO KEEP little ones busy and happy during the upcoming holiday, you can give them a package of Omega finger paints, suitable for small hands that don't know how to hold a brush very well, yet. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for them to paint outside, on the balcony for example, so your clean home won't be smeared. The paint is easily removed from Formica or glass surfaces and tiles, and can be washed out of most fabrics. The squeeze-bottles are sturdy and stand on their head. A package with four colors is NIS 27, and a six-pack is NIS 40.