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Choosing a perfume can be a tricky business, and sometimes you find yourself regretting your purchase when returning home.

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DEKOR IS showing some new kitchen trends with models in the style of the flamboyant late 1960s-early 70s, with bright lilac and green-shaded colors combined with dark wood, and others with more restrained contemporary decor. If you don't want to miss your favorite program while cooking or washing the dishes, you can also install a small DVD-television that hangs from a shelf. The screen folds up, so it isn't be visible when it's not being used. Another novelty, a patent of Dekor, are cabinets with sliding doors that are opened and locked by means of a remote control - behind these doors you can hide the cooking space, a bar, etc. DR. FISCHER has new shampoo, conditioner and soap for kids especially suitable for the summer months. The Dr. Fischer Kids shampoo and conditioner protect the hair from damage done by pool and sea water and hard tap water. The shampoo and conditioner smell like watermelon, and the soap has a pear fragrance. The bottles are recognizable by the picture of a kid snorkeling amid fish. A 500 ml. bottle of shampoo, conditioner or soap is NIS 20 but the products are now being sold at an introductory price of NIS 13. SHAVING YOUR legs can be a bit of a bother but, to do it effortlessly while in the shower, you can try the new Veet hair removal cream. All you have to do is leave the cream on for about three minutes and then take it off with the help of the little sponge that's included. It's too bad that the only instructions on the package are in Hebrew and Polish, of all languages. The Veet cream is available in two different versions - one with silk and one with aloe vera; the price is NIS 40. BEST HAS a compact package of moist baby wipes that can easily be stuck in your pocketbook while on the road, without making it bulky. The Best Compact wipes contain Vitamin E and aloe vera, and can be used to clean baby's tush or face. The two varieties are wipes with a mild fragrance or fragrance free. A package of 36 wipes costs NIS 4.90 and a five-pack is NIS 21.90. WORLD CUP soccer fans should perhaps drop in on the Menz men's underwear stores in Tel Aviv. For each individual purchase of NIS 100 or more in the store, they will have the chance to fill in a raffle form predicting the winner of the finals. If you guess correctly which national team emerges on top,and your form is the lucky one to be picked at the time of the draw (July 10), you can win products from the Menz store worth NIS 750. THE MATTRESS company King David is now selling a mattress that is especially designed for people aged 50-plus, who more often suffer from back problems. The mattress does not have springs, and has two layers of comfortable material called Polytop. The degree of firmness is six (out of eight). The mattress, called Gold +, measuring 140 by 190 cm., is now sold at the King David factory in Rishon Lezion at an introductory price of NIS 2,250, instead of NIS 4,500 and comes with a 15-year warranty. IF YOU'RE behind the steering wheel for longer periods of time, the pillow made by Karitay may provide you with extra comfort. The pillow is attached to the head rest of the driver's seat, and enables you to relax your neck muscles while driving. It also protects from whiplash if, God forbid, you're involved in an accident and someone hits your car from behind. The pillow can be taken off and used to rest your head when you're taking a break during long drives, as well. The Karitay car pillow is NIS 90, and is available at car parts stores and gas stations. CHOOSING A perfume can be a tricky business, and sometimes you find yourself regretting your purchase when returning home. SuperPharm has a new book called All About Perfume (in Hebrew), in which you will find a description of lots of perfumes (mentioned in alphabetical order, also for men), a description of the ingredients used to make perfume, a short history of perfume, and tips on how to choose a new perfume. Somehow, among all the perfumes listed, I couldn't find my two favorite fragrance names, so clearly the list is far from being complete. You can get the book, with a cover illustrated with a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, for NIS 25 if you purchase cosmetics for NIS 99 or more at the SuperPharm chain. AQUAFRESH IS offering a new toothbrush with a so-called three-way head - a head with a trio of independently flexible parts. This technology supposedly enables you to brush difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth, and maneuver better around the gum line. The brush also has a flexible neck, which helps to protect gums by preventing too much pressure. The Aquafresh 3-Way Head toothbrush costs NIS 17.90. IF YOU have dry, red or irritated skin, some soaps and shower gels may be too harsh for you in the shower. Topic Medis bio-herbal skin treatments by Kamedis offer a wash cleanser and a cream for dry and irritated skin that promise to cleanse without drying and provide relief for itching; both the cleanser and the cream are fortified with soap nut tree extract, found in India, Nepal and China, which has the reputation of healing skin. The wash cleanser, which is fragrance free, can be used to wash the face and body, and costs NIS 55.90 for 200 ml.; the cream, also fragrance free, is sold for the rather steep price of NIS 139.90 for a 70 ml. tube. STAINLESS STEEL appliances are a common look in modern-day kitchens, but they are rather hard to clean, especially since you tend to see every fingerprint that's left on them. The Hepi Stainless Steel Polish was easy to use on my fridge, and yielded better results compared to the other spray I was using before. It's still a job to clean the fridge, but the spray, which left a kind of creamy film, which had to be rubbed in, really cleaned the fridge and left it shiny. The spray can be used on stainless steel, tin, aluminum and fiberglass. A 489 gr. spray bottle costs NIS 27. ALLDAYS HAS new panty liners called Alldays Discreet, available in the varieties Normal, Multiform, and Fresh. The Discreet panty liners are super-thin, and the Multiform panty liners can be worn with any type of panty, even a string or tanga panty, thanks to the way it folds. The Discreet Fresh panty liners are slightly scented. A package of 62 liners costs NIS 21. SKINGARD HAS new sunscreens that protect babies' and kids' delicate skin against sunburn and damaging UV-rays. The new baby and kids sunscreens come with a sun protection factor ranging from 15 to 50, and filter the UVA rays up to almost 100%. The baby sunscreen is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. The prices for these milks and sprays range from NIS 42 for a 125 ml. bottle of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to NIS 103 for a 250 ml. bottle of milk with an SPF of 34. The baby sunscreen is NIS 67 for a 125 ml. bottle. With the summer vacation coming up, you might be facing some long trips with kids on an airplane or in the car. At least some of the time can fly by if the kids have their own electronic devices to hear music or play games, such as an MP3 player, iPod, portable play station or game boy. The MP3 players enable you to download music from the web, or listen to the radio. These devices are relatively cheap these days: the Apex MP3 players, for example, are around NIS 600 for a player with 512 MB memory, or around NIS 800 for a device with a 1024 MB memory. Apex also has portable DVD players and LCD-screens that can be attached to the back of car-seats so kids can watch their favorite movies on the road. The price for an Apex portable DVD-player is NIS 1,990. Kids addicted to PlayStation games, which normally work with a television set, can now play them anywhere if they have a PSP (PlayStation Portable). This habit though is a heavy blow to your wallet: a PSP device costs NIS 1,899, and the price for a compatible game is NIS 320-350.