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To keep your drink cool while driving, Coca Cola offers a covered cup or bottle holder for free with the purchase of a half-liter bottle of Coca Cola, diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta or Nestea at selected convenience stores at gas stations.

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BOB THE Builder is a popular television cartoon character and if you have a little boy he will probably be delighted to play with tools from the Bob the Builder 3-in-1 Power Tools set and feel like a grown man. The set contains a saw, which actually moves back and forth; an oscillating sander; a motion vacuum with colored beads inside; and expandable safety goggles. You will even hear 15 different sounds and phrases (in English) while the tools are being used. The Bob the Builder tool set is suitable for kids ages three and up and costs NIS 199. WOMEN WHO are trying to conceive may find a home ovulation test helpful but they usually do not come cheap. The test package called "Is It Your Day?" now contains two extra tests sticks for the same price; a package of seven sticks is NIS 130. The Is It Your Day? home ovulation test is especially suitable for women who don't have regular periods. It is FDA-approved and guarantees 99% accuracy. FINISH HAS new dishwasher tablets that also contain a power boost element, something that supposedly increases the cleaning power by some 35%, making it superfluous to rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The tablets clean, give shine, have added salt against lime scale, and protect glassware. A package of 30 5-in-1 Finish Powerball tablets costs NIS 46. Sano also has new-and-improved dishwasher tablets, Sano San. These tablets also claim to have 5-in-1 properties: they clean, disinfect, soften hard water, add shine to dishes, protect glassware, and protect the dishwasher itself from corrosion. A package of 30 Sano San tablets is NIS 36. COLGATE HAS new battery-operated toothbrushes for kids featuring a picture of the Bratz dolls, which are still the craze among little girls. To celebrate the occasion, Colgate is offering a deal where with the purchase of any two Colgate kids' toothbrushes, you can buy Bratz or Spiderman pajamas for only NIS 15. The deal is valid in the SuperPharm chain until July 19. IF YOU suffer from heartburn, it's good to know there is a medication that promises to actually prevent the ailment, instead of just curing it when you already experience it. Ompradex-Z by Dekson is an over-the-counter medication that should be taken about 30 to 60 minutes before a meal (preferably breakfast). A box containing 14 capsules is NIS 59.60 FA HAS a special deal on its cosmetics this month, where certain items are being sold for the attractive price of NIS 10. The products on sale are Fa deodorant sprays, sticks and roll-ons, which offer 24-hour protection; shower gels and soaps; and packages of four soap bars in four different varieties, enriched with 25% moisturizer. The deal is valid until the end of July. ORGON HAS a wide variety of elegant and stylish curtains and blinds and, now, for those who want a young look in their home it is marketing roman blinds made out of denim fabric. The curtains come in dark or light blue shades and add a refreshing touch to any bedroom. The roman blinds in jeans fabric are now sold at the introductory price of NIS 160 a meter instead of NIS 350. This deal lasts until the end of the month. To find out where to buy Orgon curtains near you, call 1-800-515-151. THOSE WHO are on a diet can get an extra boost with the Figura Diet Formula capsules, which are rich in dietary fibers. The capsules are part of a program offered by NewPharm, including menus, Figura Diet Formula, physical exercise and vitamins. The pills don't claim to be a miracle formula to lose weight, but they will help burn fat and speed up metabolism. The price for a bottle of 90 capsules, good for one month, is available in NewPharm pharmacies for NIS 150. With each purchase, you can buy Centrum multi-vitamins at a 50% reduction. LILY NATURAL now has new hygienic pads that are especially suitable for overnight since they are extra-long and have a high degree of absorbency. So, for those who want extra protection during the night when they do a lot of tossing and turning in their sleep, there now is Lily Natural Night, recognizable by illustrations of the moon and stars on a purple background. A package containing 20 of these pads is NIS 17.50. BRITA HAS a special deal on its water filters and is throwing in two extras when buying a package of three Brita filters, made for the Brita water pitchers. With the purchase of a three-pack of filters, you will get a small, half-liter bottle suitable for use during sports activities and a tray that to make ice in the shape of sticks, with Brita-filtered water, of course. The ice sticks can be very easily inserted into even a narrow-neck bottle, to keep your water cool. A three-pack of filters is NIS 89.90. The deal is valid until the end of July. TO KEEP your drink cool while driving the car, Coca Cola now offers a covered cup or bottle holder for free with the purchase of a half-liter bottle of Coca Cola, diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta or Nestea at selected convenience stores at gas stations. The Cool Drive cup/bottle holder can be attached to the air-conditioning outlets of your car to keep it cool. The deal is valid until the end of the month. KNOCKOUT IS a personal security device you clip to your clothes, preferably on your waist belt, which will emit an ear-piercing sound on a very high frequency to scare off potential attackers. In case of emergency, you pull a string and pull out the safety latch. The sound has a power of 130 decibels and is audible at a distance of 60 meters. The device, which also has a built-in flashlight, works on batteries. Before you go out, you can make sure the device is working by pushing a test button. The price for Knockout, available at Office Depot stores or through the Internet at www.noxe.co.il, is NIS 79.