Israel’s most expensive homes of 2010

Ten largest real-estate purchases in first nine months of this year totaled NIS 350 million, according to the Israel Tax Authority.

mamilla 298 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
mamilla 298
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
The 10 largest real-estate purchases in the first nine months of this year totaled NIS 350 million, according to the Israel Tax Authority database, for an average of NIS 35m., down from NIS 380m., or an average of NIS 38m., in 2009.
The value of the biggest deal fell to NIS 71m. in 2010 from NIS 82m. in 2009.
The Tax Authority has upgraded its online information system of real-estate transactions to include area and the number of rooms. The system previously only provided the price, block and section, community and type of property, such as house or apartment.
The list of the largest home deal is based on the expanded information from the updated Tax Authority system. However, the website does not include every real-estate transaction, nor is complete information available about every deal.
The top-10 real-estate deals in January-September were:
• NIS 71m. for an 800- square-meter six-room apartment in a building under construction by Euro Sat Investments Ltd. at the corner of Frishman Street and Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. The 26-story high-rise will be completed in 2011. The buyer is Lord David Alliance.
• NIS 49m. for a 740-sq.-m. seven-room apartment in the Rothschild 1 Building under construction by Habas HZ Investments in Tel Aviv. The buyer is apparently Eitan Wertheimer.
• NIS 41m. for a 200-sq.-m. eight-room apartment at 34 Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv.
• NIS 40.2m. for a 494-sq.-m. 13-room apartment in the Mamilla project, owned by Alrov (Israel) Ltd., near Jerusalem’s Old City.
• NIS 33m. for an apartment in the Akirov Towers, also owned by Alrov, on Pinkas Street in north Tel Aviv.
• NIS 25.7m. for a 172-sq.-m. apartment on Ha’ogen Street in Herzliya.
• NIS 22.8m. for a 415-sq.-m. 10-room house in a 60-yearold building at 6 Yad Mordechai Street in Jerusalem’s German Colony.
• NIS 21.4m. for an apartment in Tel Aviv.
• NIS 20.5m. for a 365-sq.-m. eight-room 30-year-old house on a 1,063-sq.-m. lot at 40 Basel Street in Herzliya.
• NIS 20m. for a 458-sq.-m. apartment at 21 Nissim Alony Street in Park Hazameret in north Tel Aviv.