Tel Aviv Side Walks: Nahmani's new lease of life

A new column: Joanna Stromze explores the streets of Tel Aviv while discovering the best real estate deals the White City has to offer.

Nahmani Street 58 (photo credit:
Nahmani Street 58
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One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Lev Ha’ir has root which reach back to the final years of the Ottoman era. The charming mix of more recent structures built in the classic Bauhaus style and eclectic pre-international buildings styles give a fascinating glimpse into its architectural past. The last several decades have seen a gentrification of the area, and strict preservation means of some of Tel Aviv's magical structures are being brought back to their formal glory.
After the depression of WW1, word of the first Hebrew city spread quickly and a new wave of immigrants during the 1920s and 30s brought a construction and development boom to Tel Aviv. At first, the Eclectic pre-international style architecture ruled the streets of "old Tel Aviv", and one of the most impressive structures is no doubt the Pagoda House located on King Albert Square at the Nahmani, BezalelYaffe and Montefiore junction. King Albert Square is considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most discrete squares and is named after the Belgian king, King Albert the First, who paid Tel Aviv a visit in 1933. It was at this time that Tel Aviv's first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, made a promise to name a square after his name. 
Nahmani is located in the very heart of the Lev Ha'ir neighborhood and runs parallel to Mazeh Street. A quiet and serene street close to some of Tel Aviv's historical landmarks, Nahmani begins at the intersection with Yavne Street and ends in Menachem Begin Road. Nahmani's iconic structures are located between Yavne and Rothschild Boulevard, with King Albert Square being the heart of this quaint street.
The mysterious Eclectic pre-international architecture is mostly found in the "old city" of Tel Aviv. With Nahmani being in the very heart of Historic Tel Aviv, this type of architecture is found in abundance.These real estate gems are in high demand due to their unique style and glamorous history, with double high ceilings, arched pillars, magnificent fairy-tale like balconies, and great living spaces, and yet some of them are not even used for residential purposes. Heavy preservation can be seen around these beautiful buildings on Nahmani and the most prominent can be found on the corner of Nahmani and Melchette, where a boutique hotel is planned.
Bauhaus buildings can also be seen on Nahmani, mainly between Yehudah Halevi and Menachem Begin Road. On Nahmani 43 resides the famous "Lodz House" also known as the "Red House"; a three story building built in 1924, formerly used as a textile factory, defined today as a preserved building.
Eclectic style apartments are relatively smaller than Bauhaus ones. The average two bedroom apartment is 70 square meters with extremely high ceilings and lovely intimate balconies facing the facade. Newer buildings, like at 13-15 Nahmani Street, features spacious 70-90 square meter, two to three bedroom apartments with rear and facade facing balconies.
Whilst Nahmani is mainly a residential street, some of these Eclectic buildings are used as office and commercial spaces. Some of Tel Aviv's best cafés and restaurants are also located on Nahmani, among them Café Noir just on the corner of Nahmani and Ahad Ha'am. 
The residents of this lovely street are both local and foreign families. With its close proximity to Rothschild, young professionals, couples and roommates sharing flats are also part of this magical street enjoying the very best of what the heart of historical Tel Aviv has to offer.
Real Estate
Real Estate prices in Lev Ha'ir are relatively high, mainly due to the history behind these mysterious buildings; with an average of NIS 35,000 per sqaure meter in Lev Hair, on Nahmani the prices can even hit the NIS 41,000 per aquare meter mark.
In September this year, a 103 square meter, three bedroom apartment on Nahmani was sold for the price of NIS 4,520,000.
Rentals on Nahmani are high as well, with a 100 square meter, three bedroom, two bathroom Duplex Penthouse with private parking and a roof-top terrace in an elevator building recently being rented for NIS 11,200.
With its wonderful arched facade located just on the corner of Nahmani and AhadHa'am, "BeitHa Tziporen" is currently used for commercial purposes but will soon to go through a strict preservation process and high-end luxury apartments will be available for sale.
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