Employment Expert: What is employment coaching?

Vol III: I would like to know if it is possible to find a so-called coach who can get me in direct touch with companies that need my expertise.

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Ron Machol job expert 88
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Ron Machol has been involved in Israemploy [www.israemploy.net] - an Israeli non-profit organization devoted to helping immigrants to Israel and others prepare for the employment market and find work - almost from its inception. He has 20 years of work experience in hi-tech, both in the US and in Israel. His work at Israemploy over the past years is focused on consulting with a wide variety of job seekers in Israel, both olim and veteran immigrants and those considering aliyah, and developing relationships with Israeli employers and professionals in many different industries. Israemploy has been in operation for six (6)years, and during this period has assisted thousands of people via its job list and personal consultations. The consultations are personalized, and focus on the employment needs of the individual. Subjects can include identifying transferable skills, writing an Israeli CV/resume, how to network in Israel, and overall job search techniques. Click here to send your questions to Ron and please leave your comments on the articles and answers below. * * *
  • Volume I: Are there any jobs available?
  • Volume II: So, what am I doing wrong? * * * Vol III Q: Please tell me of nursing home employment opportunities available to registered nurses in Israel. A: Medical care, including nursing, is one industry that seems to be withstanding the difficult economic situation in Israel. There is a shortage of trained people in this field in Israel, so those that do have the qualifications/experience are still finding jobs. As in most countries, Israel has a certification process in order to qualify as a licensed nurse, administered by the Ministry of Health. Nurses are employed at hospitals, kupat holim [HMOs] and nursing homes. At nursing homes specifically, there are opportunities for registered nurses as well as a more general category of care-givers (which doesn't require licensing). Q: Please advise about the best opportunities for teaching English in Israel. A: There is a tremendous shortage of English teachers in Israel. Opportunities include teaching in Israeli public schools, at adult schools, and a variety of private schools, after-school programs, and tutoring. Salary and work conditions vary depending upon the particular work environment. Due to the large demand, especially in the Israel public school sector, oftentimes people that make aliyah from English speaking countries and have at least a BA are able to qualify to work even before receiving an Israeli teaching credential. For more details of teaching options, including teaching English, please see the relevant article in the Tools 'n Tips section of www.israemploy.net. Q: I would like to know if it is possible to find a so-called coach who can get me in direct touch with companies that need my expertise (Java Programmer). A: I spoke with my colleague Chaia-Zipporah Nicholls, a coach in Israel, in order to be able to fully answer your question. Coaching, of which employment coaching is a focus, is offered by a number of individuals and organizations. Employment coaching is designed to enable clients to focus on: 1) what are their employment goals? what will it take to reach them? 2) what do they want to achieve from their employment? 3) what are their interests? 4) what do they bring to an employment relationship? If you are already set in your profession, and are seeking assistance in finding employment opportunities, you have other options available to you in addition to coaching, including job lists: Israemploy (www.israemploy.net) for English speakers and AllJobs (www.alljobs.co.il) for Hebrew speakers, Placement Agencies (http://www.aliyahjobcenter.org/links.php?id=2), and networking (http://www.israemploy.net/Effective_Networking/). Q: Would there be any employment opportunities in Israel for an Architectural draftsperson? I am 60 yrs. of age (experience)and an Israeli citizen. A: There was an article in the newspaper recently that described the severe drop in demand for architects in the past months in Israel, so presumably the situation would be similar for a draftsperson. A site specialty designed for this industry can be found here: http://www.archijob.co.il/. The best way to really find out what the is situation though, is for you to network with those in Israel that work in your industry. In addition to the Archijob site, you can use LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) to find professional networking contacts in Israel. Q: Making aliyay soon. Working as an employment guidance worker. My specialty is working with immigrants and mental health users. My question is whether there are similar positions in Israel . A: I look forward to welcoming you into this profession in Israel! Certainly there are jobs here for employment advisors. Of course, Hebrew will be a critical component of your ability to find work here, as without this language skill, you will be relegated to the English speaking niche, which is very small. The types of organizations that employee employment guidance counselors would include the same type of organizations that you specialize in: immigrant groups, mental health institutions, and those targeted more at the wider Israeli population, including non-profit organizations and those associated with the Ministry of Employment (MOITAL) participating in the Mehalev (Wisconsin Plan) welfare-to-work programs. * * * Cafe Oleh is the place where you can join in and be published. To send us your comments, article ideas, suggestions and community listings, click here. In the meantime, check out our comprehensive listings and calendar services.