To fellow Americans in Israel: Vote!

We are taxed on our overseas income, so we should be properly represented - by voting.

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US israel 88
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This piece is addressed to Americans residing abroad, particularly in Israel. I urge you to become part of the political process by voting. And this means that first you must register to vote. Here's how: Today, it is very easy to register to vote. Although paper registration is possible, as you are reading this on the Internet, you can do it on-line; it takes only a few clicks. Get registered either by going to the official government site: The latter site was expertly set up by Democrats Abroad, and it registers Republicans and Independents without discrimination. It is recommended. If you still have registration questions, you can direct them to Joanne Yaron c/o Jerusalem Post On-Line by clicking on the button "Voting in Israel" on the right hand side. The right to vote is a fundamental right of a citizen in a democracy. Remember "No Taxation Without Representation"? We are taxed on our overseas income, so we should be properly represented - by voting. This is the strongest way to express yourself in the political process. Exercising the power of the vote is important. For Americans residing in Israel who believe that the America-Israel relationship is essential for the good of both countries, it is important that Congress and the President know that not only are there American interests in Israel - but also American voters. This is only fair and right. At home, Americans from farm states will vote for candidates who are sympathetic to the needs of farmers. The same with any other special interest, be it urban renewal, oil and gas or whatever/ Americans residing abroad should register their votes to remind Congress and the President that voters reside abroad, and their special needs and interests need to be heard. Americans residing abroad also have special interests that are unique to their situation of being resident abroad. These include the need for fair taxation (particularly to alleviate the burdens of double taxation), access to Medicare and Social Security, citizenship rights for children born abroad, and a greater concern for America's foreign policy that directly impacts on the places they live. Americans residing abroad should express these special interests by the ballot box. One additional item - If you register by January 31 and express a preference for the Democratic Party, you are eligible not only for the US State primaries, but also to vote in the primary of Democrats Abroad - that will send delegates to the Democratic National Convention which selects the Presidential candidate. This is a strong way of identifying with other overseas voters. Get started on the road to November and complete step one - by registering to vote - now. And tell your friends.