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Olmert triumphs in poll - humiliating What's His Name the Minister for Something or Other In a recent poll of 345 Kadima voters , Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert triumphed over one of his fellow Cabinet members. Asked whom they would prefer to be Kadima's next candidate for Prime Minister, the voters chose Olmert over the other minister by 8.7% to 5.8%. The only candidates the voters liked better than the current Prime Minister were Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (preferred by only 49.3% of the poll participants); Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz Who Used To Be Something Important In The Army (preferred by 14.5%); None of the Above (11.6%); and Undecided (10.1%). "This is significant triumph for our Prime Minister over someone whose name, I seem to recall, sounds very much like something used to build interior walls," said one of Olmert's remaining spokesmen. "Who says that Ehud Olmert is the least popular leader in Israel's history? The numbers show that this simply isn't quite true." Read the rest of this blog »
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