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Life in a seniors' home can be quite exciting, sad, funny or simply adventurous.

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Computer trouble "Do you think he really exists?" asks one of my friends, "has anybody ever seen him?" We were discussing the man who was supposed to solve our computer problems who shone, even sparkled, by his continuous absence and unavailability. "Oh, he exists all right", says someone, "he even came to my house once, and since then my computer has stopped working altogether!" "I can't believe you've actually seen him! I thought he is a phantom, or maybe just a rumor at best!" "Well, yes, he actually exists, the problem is he hardly knows that we exist!" It's clear by now that we have computer trouble. What we urgently need is a man who can solve problems, answer questions which occasionally may be …well, not too intelligent, a man who is patient and tolerant with the ones no longer very young and last but not least, who will be available at all times! Reasonable times that is! Read the rest of this blog »
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