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Preemptive hysteria Last week, well-known author and Ben-Gurion University professor Benny Morris warned of a doomsday scenario involving Iran's "imminent" nuclear strike on Israel, a strike which would annihilate the Jewish state and cause the dynamic of the Middle East to be forever changed. Although I have great respect for Mr. Morris and his prolific career, I feel not only obligated to respond to such an outrageous claim, but also feel a certain responsibility to help break the Bush-led fear mongering campaign that has caused America to be driven to a war without end and is now infecting other Westernized nations like Israel. Not to be upstaged, Caroline Glick's recent article "Making the Case against Genocide" is just another example of hysterical lunacy that has plagued a major portion of Western Media. For the record, this is not 1939 and Iran is no Nazi Germany. The widespread anti-Semitism that was the disease of post WWI Europe is not, in ANY way prevalent in Iran. Jewish and Iranian history, although quite different, have intersected at certain times; the average Iranian not only knows this but gives the connections that the two cultures have the respect it deserves. Applying Nazi examples and referring to killers such as Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler when trying to explain the Iran issue further confuses an all ready disoriented Western public. Read the rest of this blog »
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