Investing in Israel: The importance of first impressions

There is a reason why people dress up for work, invest in office d?cor, and print high-quality business cards. These things make a positive impression. They show a familiarity and appreciation of a certain business culture.

Azrieli David Anthony (photo credit: )
Azrieli David Anthony
(photo credit: )
The importance of first impressions "A first impression makes a lasting impression." As with most clichés, there's more than a kernel of truth in that statement. I happened upon this thought during a recent business trip to Israel. In the general chit-chat before our meeting was set to begin, I started talking with some colleagues about the "new" Israel airport. Ben Gurion Airport's Terminal 3, Israel's international gateway was finally opened in October 2004 after more than ten years of planning and construction and almost five years behind schedule (it was originally supposed to coincide with the mass tourism expected in light of the millennium in the year 2000). Read the rest of this blog
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