Looking out my back door - Saturday

Saturday, July 15, 2006 01:00 I awake to the news that Haifa was hit. 02:10 There are Apache helicopters hovering above the house. The noise of the rotating blades is very loud. 03:20 Suddenly it's quiet; I go back to sleep. 05:20 I wake up. They are ours, those are theirs. 14:17 Israeli Navy vessel- Saar 5 blockading the Lebanese coast is hit by Iranian copy of Chinese 'Silkworm' anti-ship missile. Four sailors MIA. All day long we sit here with the sound of explosions and shelling all around us. Like many in Israel, and especially in our area, we have nowhere to go. This is our home and we do not have the financial ability to go away from the dangerous area. On the other hand, my wife and I don't want to leave. However, our deepest regret is for our children having to live through this hell. The constant sound of the explosions and shelling is having an effect on them, but our kids are very resilient. I am not afraid of it all because we have been in this situation several times in the past.