The Persian Abyss: An Arab for hire - Bahrain

Contrary to popular Western belief, the Middle East is not quite a wicked cabal bent on the destruction of Israel. Unfortunately, there is a little more hate that is not usually spoken of but always understood. Underneath the anti-Israeli rhetoric of the Iranian Regime, there is deep resentment for their "other neighbors"- the millions of Arabs that surround Israel and lie west of Iran. This week's Iranian war games are just another link in the Iranian/Arab hate chain. The Iranian government announced early this week that it would be conducting war games as a response to the U.S. led military exercises in the Persian Gulf. A closer examination of these U.S. lead exercises would reveal that their principal launching point is the Arab controlled island of Bahrain (remember Michael Jackson?). The Iranian fears do not really concern US attack (at least at this point). As most of humanity knows, the US is severely bogged down in two vicious war fronts. The Iranian fear is war by proxy- in this case Arab proxy. Although it might seem far-fetched, this has easily happened before (e.g. Hussein's Iraq). Although most Arab countries detest Israeli military prowess, their ancient agitation has always been the Iranians to the east. This hatred is equally, if not more so, shared by their Persian counterparts. In order to the fight the Iranian influence, Arab regimes align themselves with whatever and whomever to achieve this end. For the Iranian government, the "Arab problem" is much deeper than the "Islamic pride" or "Islamic unity" that the current clerical rule would like to publicize to the world. Under their long, priestly robes and behind their Islamic persona, the mullahs who rule Iran are still of Persian blood and their innate fears will naturally manifest themselves.