Welcome to Cafe Oleh

JPost user's guide to Israel: Check out our listings, calendar, expert advice, columns & blogs and features. Readers write too!

Welcome to Cafe Oleh. This new section at Jpost.com aims to provide the new immigrant (oleh hadash ), the veteran immigrant (oleh vatik), the potential immigrant, and anyone else who is interested in real life, people and happenings in Israel, a window on our everyday society and what we have to offer. Our comprehensive listings are aimed at supplying you with information about every aspect of life in Israel. If you can't find what you are looking for, just write to us and we will provide you with an answer and add it to our listings. Our constantly updated calendar of social and cultural events around the country, lets you know where to go to find something of interest, usually in English. if you have an event you wish us to include, just let us know! Cafe Oleh invites your ideas and embraces your cooperation in order to make this new community section not only an inclusive guide and one-stop resource center, but also a true reflection of life in Israel. We shall be writing about you and invite you to write about yourselves and others. Send us your story ideas and we will be in touch with you. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it be about life in this country or even about how and why you came to make aliya. Some people have interesting jobs or hobbies, some have outstanding personalities or philosophies. No matter how run-of- the-mill an oleh may appear on the surface, scratch a little deeper and a whole world opens up. In addition to the calendar and listings, Cafe Oleh also contains three sections dedicated to your entertainment and participation:
  • Blogs & Columns are blogs, columns, appreciations, poetry, art and on Thursdays the coming week's horoscopes.
  • Ask the Expert contains Q&As with a variety of experts in their fields, including legal, tax, finance, sex therapy, real estate, nutrition and astrology and business, as well as rabbis from all streams. Please send us your questions, and don't hesitate to suggest any other experts you would like to see included in this section. Don't forget to include your name, city and country.
  • Cafe Talk consists of oleh news and features, as well as profiles of people and businesses, reviews of synagogues, mikves, hotels, favorite hangouts, schools, community centers and much more. Some reviews are written by Cafe Oleh staff and others by readers. Let us know what else you would like reviewed or send us your own review, as well as your story ideas and queries. Please include your name, city and country. We look forward to hearing from YOU at cafeoleh@jpost.com!