Share Israel's 'tikkun olam' efforts in Ukraine with young Christians

Opinion: Ruth Wasserman Lande on why she joined the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

 Sheba Medical Center prepares a field hospital to be sent to Ukraine (photo credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)
Sheba Medical Center prepares a field hospital to be sent to Ukraine
(photo credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

The Jewish concept of “tikkun olam” is the very Judeo-Christian “vehicle” with which to bring back the young generation of Christians throughout the world to support the State of Israel.

In a world where so many people hate Israel and the Jews, we must safeguard Evangelical Christian support for Israel, particularly among the young generation, who are in danger of turning their backs on the Holy Land.

Christian support for Israel has always been assumed to be unconditional because they love the land and the people of Israel, and of course the Jewish Bible.

The author, MK Ruth Wasserman Lande (Credit: GPO)
The author, MK Ruth Wasserman Lande (Credit: GPO)

However, support for Israel among the younger generation of Evangelical Christians is on the decline. 

A study published last year by Tel Aviv University showed that support for Israel by Evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 29 had dropped by more than half in only three years – from 69% to 33.6% between 2018 and 2021. A separate poll published by a professor at the University of Maryland found that only 21% of young evangelicals said that the United States should lean towards Israel in 2018 compared to 40% in 2015. 

Reaching out to the young generation by sharing the message of Israel on the platforms that are popular and accessible to them is essential if we want to continue to keep their connection to the Holy Land. 

While the Bible is constant and deep-rooted, as is the foundation for Christian support and connection to Israel based upon the Judeo-Christian heritage, the vehicle which carries the message must be changed - namely by using social media, which has a profound influence on the younger generation.

Take Gigi Hadid as an example. She has 72 million followers and everything she posts on social media about Israel is anti-Israel.

Israel must find its own Gigi to share the truth about what is really happening here and to highlight, once more, that deep rooted connection of the Holy Land, the Bible and the Jewish people to the Christian youngsters throughout the world. 

Israel has no other choice than being sharp, interesting, fresh and trendy. Instead of talking only about politics and defense, we must also talk about high-tech, art and culture. 

Let’s share the deep, complex story of Israel in 280 characters and in 60-second reels.

This is something that needs addressing at the highest levels, by the government and parliament. 

Israel’s leaders must embrace Christians throughout the world that have a feeling of connection to the Jewish State, welcome them to the Holy Land and appreciate them. We have a responsibility to ensure that this kinship becomes an everlasting bridge. 

That is why when I was asked to join the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus I said yes right away. 

Iran is en route to a nuclear weapon. 

Hezbollah is poised on Israel’s northern border and Hamas is ready to fire from Israel’s southern border. 

Europe is at war.

Right now, the entire world is focused on the human tragedy that is unraveling in the Ukraine, affecting Europe, the United States and the Western World in general, much of which is Christian. 

This is the time during which Israel and all of its its value-oriented steps that are being taken on the Ukrainian border, its massive humanitarian aid, the selfless help being delivered to accept refugees into our little war-stricken country despite all of our complexities, must be communicated to the vast numbers of Christian youngsters throughout the world. 

This is the epitome of the Jewish concept of tikkun olam and the very essence of Judeo-Christian values that we must emphasize.

MK Ruth Wasserman Lande is a member of Israel's Blue and White Party and a member of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. This article was arrange in collaboration with the Israel Allies Foundation.