Top Texas pastor: Putin is 'a new Hitler on a rampage’

Pastor Jimmy Evans: "We have a leader in Russia who is a very evil man."

 Pastor Jimmy Evans (photo credit: screenshot)
Pastor Jimmy Evans
(photo credit: screenshot)

Pastor Jimmy Evans of the Trinity Fellowship Church network in Texas has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being “a new Hitler on a rampage” in a sermon he delivered Sunday.

The pastor, who is also the founder of XO Marriage, a ministry that is "devoted to helping couples thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages," was a guest preacher at Ed Young’s Fellowship Church based in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. Evans used the platform to talk about what he believes are Russia’s motivations for invading Ukraine and how he sees current events reflected in the Bible. 

He also spoke about modern-day threats to the State of Israel, including the Iranian nuclear threat.

In the middle of the 30-minute lecture, he spoke about Putin's latest actions.

“Now we have a leader in Russia who is a very evil man,” Evans said. “You see how evil he is - bombing women and children, bombing nursing homes. He bombed a mosque this week and killed the people hiding in it.

“This is an evil man and Ukraine is not his end game,” Evans continued, stating that Putin's wants to "reassmble the former Soviet Union" and "more than likely" conquer parts of Euope. 

"This is a new Hitler on a rampage," Evans concluded. "This is the most aggressive military action that has been taken since World War II.”

Evans is among a growing group of prominent Christian pastors and evangelists who believe that the Russian-Ukraine war could be tied to Christian eschatology, though many others do not agree. 

According to the Trinity Fellowship website, Evans served as senior pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas for 30 years and is now its apostolic elder. He is a graduate of King's University and has authored more than 17 books.