world war ii

Brno boasted a large and imprewssive synagogue, the "large temple" later destroyed by Nazis
Rosh Hashanah of 1939: A holiday in the middle of the Holocaust

How did Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year in the midst of the most horrendous period in Jewish history?

Did World War II bring humanity peace, or are we back at square 1?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: 75 years on, the tools of the worst violence in human history are largely obsolete, but the mindset that underpinned it is alive and well

Sunken German World War Two warship found off Norway

Identified this year from images and sonar scans of its hull and of details such as the position of gun turrets, the cruiser Karlsruhe was first detected in 2017.

SOVIET LT. Alexander Sylvashko and US 2nd Lt. William Robertson stand in front of a sign symbolizing
Russia marks 75 years since the end of World War II

The USSR played a decisive role in the defeat of Adolf Hitler’s Germany

A Nazi's salute at a neo-Nazi rally in Kansas City, Missouri.
The lessons of the Holocaust are being forgotten

This normalization of bigotry and hatred toward Jews will have profound implications for generations to come.

The Enigma of family secrets

In 53 years of marriage, Goldman never reveals being a member of Alan Turing and Gordon Welchsman’s team that built and perfected the machine called the Bombe that cracked the Nazi Enigma Code.

President Harry S. Truman
Marking the Manhattan Project 75 years on

Truman always said that attacking Japan with a-bombs saved many lives on both sides; estimates for the invasion of Japan were that it could take a year and result in 250,000 to 500,000 US deaths.

SS Officer hailed as a 'hero' by New Zealand media dies at 97

When quizzed about the concentration camps, he agreed that the SS “were wrong but that is about all," adding, "what could we do?”

Hiroshima marks 75 years since atomic bombing in scaled-back ceremony

The city said the significance of the anniversary of the bombing that killed 140,000 people before the end of 1945 had prompted its decision to hold the ceremony despite the spread of the coronavirus

After 76 years, DNA tells fate of German-Jew who perished in Nazi massacre

The Ardeantine massacre was an infamous mass execution carried out near Rome in March 1944 by Nazi German occupation soldiers during World War II.

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