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Kim from Melbourne asks D"ash how she can be a star just like Kathleen Reiter.

The Voice winner Kathleen Reiter 370 (photo credit: Courtesy of Facebook)
The Voice winner Kathleen Reiter 370
(photo credit: Courtesy of Facebook)
Dear D’’ash, 
It was really cool to see Kathleen Reiter win The Voice in Israel. I think she definitely deserved it! Hearing about her made me remember that there was this Diaspora Jewish singing competition last year that D’’ash wrote about last year. What was the name of it? And are they doing it again this year? And if so, how can I audition?! I’ve had some big parts in my high school’s musicals and would love to try to win! 
Kim Cohen, Melbourne, Australia 
Dear Kim, 
Glad to hear it made you happy to see the news about Kathleen. We were rooting for her all along, :). 
To answer your question about the singing competition, it’s called Hallelujah. Thankfully at the date that we are writing you back (May 15), there is still time for you, Kim, to register: the deadline is May 20th! Because of this, we also posted the news of the registration on our Facebook page at Dash_Mag.
For the rest of our readers who are reading this in June, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next year to register.
This is all the more reason to become friends with us on Facebook: this way, you can get time sensitive news such as this. Like us at Dash_Mag today! For more information about applying to Hallelujah, check out their website here: http://www.hallelujah.org.il/read-apply 
D’’ash team 
Dear D’’ash, 
I really like it when you do theme magazines. However, I’ve noticed that you only do it for women’s month.
Although women’s month is important, there are a whole lot of other “people’s” months, such as Black History month, Gay Pride month, etc. So why have you only done a theme month for women? And would you like to do other theme months? I would like this, not just about different kinds of people, but maybe about different aspects of Israeli society. What do you think? 
Carl Levinson, San Francisco, CA, USA 
Dear Carl, 
Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions.
Regarding women’s month, we decided to do this as a theme month because there have been a lot of news and improvements regarding women’s rights in the last two years that we wanted to highlight.
As per your other suggestions, we also thought that it’d be nice to do other kinds of theme months. In fact, August is going to be an issue entirely dedicated to Israeli music. What do you think of that? 
Again, thanks for writing to us and we look forward to continuing to hear your feedback.
D’’ash team