From Mediterranean Soul to Rock

Interview with one of Israel's biggest, rising stars.

avihu shabbat 521 (photo credit: courtesy)
avihu shabbat 521
(photo credit: courtesy)
Avihu Shabat is one of Israel’s biggest young, rising stars. Some of you may recognize his last name; he is musical icon Shlomi Shabat’s son. Here’s what he had to say about his famous family, his new album Derech, and his musical influences.
What is different about this album from your previous ones? The style of this album is very different. The first two albums were light pop, Turkish, and Mediterranean.
This album is a rock album. I love rock music. I came from a house where we listened to a lot of Turkish and soul music, but rock was always the main thing for me.
What’s your favorite song on this album? “Every Second” (Kol Shniyah). It’s a song that talks about how short our lives are and how every second that passes by, won’t return. We need to take advantage of every moment of life.
As a young singer, what was it like to grow up under such a famous father? On one hand it’s very hard, but on the other hand it’s very fun. You get good advice and criticism from someone who is professional. However, people expect a lot more out of you, more than they expect from someone else.
How did your experience on the show Living in LA LA Land help you grow as an artist? It opened me to the market. People started to connect my music with my face, something that never happened before. It’s very important today to do a show for people to know who you are and what you are. LA LA Land did only good things to me. I learned a lot and I took a lot from it. I think it changed my life.
Who would you most love to collaborate with? My dream would be to do something with all my family together, meaning my father, my sister Manor, and my aunt Leah Shabat.
Who is your favorite singer or band? I like so many. It’s a bit difficult for me to be specific because I love music. It’s hard to name one specific band or singer, but I guess it would have
to be my father.