Commanders study intelligence on Hezbollah, Hamas

Field commanders comprised of armored vehicles, artillery and infantry units gather for intelligence study session.

IDF drill 370 (photo credit: IDF Spokesman)
IDF drill 370
(photo credit: IDF Spokesman)
Field commanders from the 162nd Division – which is comprised of armored vehicles, artillery and infantry units – studied intelligence on Israel’s enemies this week at Glilot, in north Tel Aviv. The division is under the command of the IDF Central Command.
The commanders spent much of their time examining irregular armed entities like Hezbollah and Hamas.
“The aim is to create a common language in the division and to create an across-the-board understanding of the threats,” a senior member of the division explained.
During the study session, terror organizations and their battlefield presence were analyzed. Battalion commanders of units from the ground forces were divided into groups and tasked with analyzing the intelligence.
“This will allow us to take more risks and to fully utilize the IDF’s power... on the level of firepower and maneuverability,” the source said.
The event is part of an emphasis in the military to strengthen awareness of intelligence issues among fighting forces.
“We understand the other side pretty well.
Today, we ensure that commanders understand the intelligence issues at all levels, and to bring this understanding to as low a rank as possible, so that the forces will be ready for war.”
Throughout August, the IDF Armored Corps and infantry held wide-scale drills to practice battling Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.
Last month, the Artillery Corps held a surprise drill to test its responses to an escalation on the Syrian front.
Artillery Corps soldiers were airlifted without warning from their routine patrols in the West Bank to their firing positions on the Golan Heights.