Hezbollah calls on Palestinians to restore resistance

Terror group calls on Palestinians to step up aggression against Israel, protect Jerusalem and Temple Mount from "Zionist enemy."

Hezbollah members carry mock rockets. (photo credit: REUTERS/Ali Hashisho)
Hezbollah members carry mock rockets.
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ali Hashisho)
In a statement made on their official website Al-Manar on Wednesday, Hezbollah claimed that Palestinians and their resistance to Israel is the best way to fight the "crimes of the Israeli army," and called on Palestinians to restore their role of resistance.
The militant group said that Israel is "utilizing the political conditions in the region to carry out projects," such as creating a Jewish-only Jerusalem and destroying the the Temple Mount.
Hezbollah saluted the Palestinians who are fighting against the "Zionist enemy" and called for solidarity among Palestinians to help protect the Temple Mosque and Jerusalem.
On Tuesday, the Knesset held the first-ever plenum discussion of Israeli sovereignty over the holy site on Tuesday.
The debate came on the same day as the latest in a series of rioting on the Mount in the past month, by Arabs who object to any Jewish presence on the holy site. Tuesday morning’s riot resulted in three arrests and two police officers lightly injured. Stun grenades were used to disperse the rioters.
Also on Tuesday, an anonymous Israeli security official reportedly told TIME Magazine that Israeli warplanes struck a convoy transporting surface-to-surface missiles from Syria into Lebanon on Monday in an attempt to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining certain weapons.