WATCH: New robotic system seeks to meet threats posed by landmines, explosives

New unmanned system could be applied to Israel's border patrol duties and forward combat engineering missions.

IAI's Sahar automated system (photo credit: IAI)
IAI's Sahar automated system
(photo credit: IAI)

Israel Aerospace Industries revealed on Tuesday the new Sahar robotic system intended to meet threats posed by explosives and mines. The project was developed jointly with Kinetic North America and Watairpoll LTD. The system prototype is being presented this week at the AUVSI exhibition in Orlando, Florida.
Sahar is a completely autonomous system with the ability to tackle various operational activities such as detecting land mines, dealing with improvised explosive devices and various other threats, then removing them.
A statement by IAI expressed that these and other similar tasks are currently undertaken by ground personnel or remote-controlled robots which require a great deal of skill and time from their handlers while the proximity necessary to deal with such threats poses a great danger to human personnel.
The Sahar system was developed to overcome these challenges. IAI hopes to apply the new technology to Israel's border patrol missions and combat engineering's reconnaissance missions.