IDF closes Gaza crossing after rockets fired

Kassam rocket falls in an open area in the South as Israel begins its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony.

Rockets fired from Gaza (photo credit: Nikola Solic / Reuters)
Rockets fired from Gaza
(photo credit: Nikola Solic / Reuters)
The IDF decided to close the Kerem Shalom goods border passage between Israel and Gaza on Monday following the firing of three rockets from the Strip on Sunday.
The Erez pedestrian terminal will remain open only for humanitarian crossings, Army Radio reported.
A rocket landed in southern Israel on Sunday night while Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies were being held. The rocket landed in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council. Palestinians fired another two rockets, however the failed to reach Israel, landing within Gazan territory.
No injuries or damage were reported in the attack.
Security forces located the remains of the rocket after searching the area. A red alert siren had sounded in the area prior to the rocket's landing.
The attack came on the heels of a rise in attacks in the South which was marked by two straight days of rocket fire last week, which lead to an Israeli strike at targets in the Gaza Strip. It was Israel's first retaliation since a truce was implemented following an eight-day flare up last November that nearly lead to an Israeli ground invasion.
Reports of the rocket on sunday were received at the same time that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was delivering a Holocaust Remembrance Day speech at Yad Vashem.
The increase in attacks has raised tension in the south, as residents geared themselves for possibly another round of violence from the Gaza Strip.