Israeli gas masks are the latest craze on eBay

As likelihood of Syria strike and queues for gas masks grow, some could be looking online for protective kits.

Gas masks on sale on eBay 370 (photo credit: Screenshot)
Gas masks on sale on eBay 370
(photo credit: Screenshot)
Enterprising online auctioneers are cashing in on a new craze - buying and selling Israeli gas masks on eBay has soared in recent days as a military strike on Syria by the US and its allies becomes ever more likely.
Some of those available are older versions of masks, and it is unclear how effective they would be in the event of a chemical attack from Syria. But Israelis fed up with long, and often testy, queues may see this as an ideal solution.
The gas masks go for anywhere between $25-50, with a family pack of four masks fetching up to $165.
The Israel Defense Forces has previously considered selling its protection kits over the internet, but its prospective asking price of NIS 200 per mask could make an eBay purchase a more attractive - and cheaper - alternative, in particular for non-Israelis who are do not qualify for a gas mask kit free from the state.