Report: IAF jets dispatched toward unidentified objects

3 Planes dispatched in north and south of country; IDF refuses to comments on the report.

IDF Plane 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
IDF Plane 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Two Israel Air Force jets were deployed Saturday morning towards two unidentified objects in northern Israel amid suspicions of an attempted penetration into Israeli air space, Channel 2 reported.
According to the report, another plane was dispatched over a southern city later in the day. The IDF refused to comment on the report. 
Meanwhile, six Israeli warplanes were reported flying in Lebanese airspace on Saturday Lebanon's National News Agency reported.
The report cited a Lebanese Army communique.
The Israeli planes executed circular flights over various Lebanese regions and returned to Israeli airspace  in the afternoon on Saturday, according to the report. 
In April, the IAF shot down a drone suspected of belonging to Hezbollah off the coast of Haifa.
In that incident, air defenses identified the drone, and F-16 fighter aircraft and combat helicopters scrambled to intercept it.
“Israel is prepared to deal with any threat posed from Syria or Lebanon in the air, land or sea,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said following the April incident.