School in session in southern Israel despite tensions

Students head off to school despite the barrage of rocket fire yesterday; Mayor of Sderot says he plans to visit schools, talk with students today about managing stress and anxiety.

Rocket damage in Sderot, March 12, 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Rocket damage in Sderot, March 12, 2014
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Schools in the southern Israel were open as usual Thursday morning despite tensions following Wednesday night's barrage of rocket fire from Gaza that hit Sderot and other towns close to the border.
"Its quiet now," the head of the Eshkol Regional Council Haim Yalin told Army Radio on Thursday morning. "I recommend to return to the method that has always been in place – not to speak to the media, but rather to do what is necessary for us to return to normalcy."
Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said that the decision to hold a regular day of school follows protocol.
"Since yesterday evening we've received assessments from the IDF. This morning we received the recommendation of the Southern Command. Although, today we will go to the schools, speak with the students and let them vent if they have stress and anxiety," he said.
"In Sderot we are over a decade with the same reality. I support the government's response and the IDF. To hear the warplanes and know that Israel will not sit quietly while there are attacks on Israeli children comforts residents," Davidi added.

The Air Force struck 29 targets across the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night in response to a large-scale Islamic Jihad rocket attack.

The bombardment of the western Negev marks the largest flare-up of Gazan terrorism since 2012.

At least 60 rockets – fired in simultaneous barrages from northern and southern Gaza – exploded in Israeli territory.

The Iron Dome anti-rocket battery stationed in Sderot shot down three projectiles over the town.

Eight rockets exploded in built-up areas, but none caused injuries, the army said.

IDF tanks on the Gaza border struck two terrorist targets inside the Strip soon after the rocket attacks.