Two charged for throwing stone that killed Palmers

Remand extended for Palestinians from village near Hebron who confessed to throwing fatal stone that killed father, son.

Funeral of Kiryat Arba car accident victims 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Funeral of Kiryat Arba car accident victims 311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
The Military Advocate General filed indictments Tuesday against two Palestinians from the village of Halhoul near Hebron, who confessed to throwing a rock that killed Asher Hillel Palmer and his son as they drove near Kiryat Arba in September.
The two Palestinians confessed during questioning to throwing the rock at Palmer’s car on September 23, which caused him to run off the road and flip over, killing him and his infant son, Yonatan. Their remand will be extended until the end of the legal proceedings.
Defense Ministry: Asher Palmer, son were terror victims Hundreds at funeral of Kiryat Arba road victims
Indictments were also filed against additional Palestinians who admitted to stealing Palmer’s gun after the fatal crash. The Shin Bet retrieved the weapon during the course of the investigation.
The investigation also found that the Palestinians were planning to carry out a number of additional attacks.
Initially, the police and the IDF had downplayed the possibility that stones had been thrown at the scene of the accident near Kiryat Arba, but after an Israel Police investigation, the Defense Ministry recognized Palmer and his son as victims of terrorism.
But settlers believe that the army deliberately misled them and the media, so as not to further inflame the region because the attack occurred on the same day that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech on unilateral Palestinian statehood to the United Nations.
Yaakov Katz and Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.