Three mortar shells from Syria land in Israeli Golan Heights

IDF: Shells likely accidentally fired into Israel; Two Syrian babies, man with head wound admitted to Israeli hospital.

IDF soldier patrol 390 (photo credit: REUTER/Baz Ratner)
IDF soldier patrol 390
(photo credit: REUTER/Baz Ratner)
Three stray Syrian mortar shells fired in battles between Assad loyalists and rebels struck the Golan Heights on Thursday.
They exploded in open areas and failed to cause injury or damage.
The assessment in the IDF’s Northern Command is that none of the mortars were deliberately fired at Israel.
The Syrian civil war has frequently spilled over into Israeli territory over the past two years, with mortar shells hitting Israeli territory and wounded Syrians being admitted to Israel for medical treatment.
Two Syrian babies were allowed to enter Israel for medical treatment early on Thursday morning. The 10- month-old and one-year-old were admitted to Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.
A Syrian man with a serious head wound was also taken in on Thursday morning.
The Western Galilee Hospital has treated some 85 Syrians since the onset of the civil war, and Ziv Medical Center in Safed has treated several dozen.