WATCH: The unmanned fighting boats that will patrol Israel's shores

Israel Aerospace Industries' unmanned vessels will protect investments in natural gas reserves off coasts; controlled from afar.

IAI Unmanned Surface Vessel (photo credit: Courtesy)
IAI Unmanned Surface Vessel
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled on Tuesday the "Katana", an unmanned surface vessel (USV) combat marine system for use guarding Israel's coast and growing offshore investments.
As Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the eastern Mediterranean is filling up with large-scale natural gas drilling, the navy is working with the government to approve a budget that will add four missile ships, drones, unmanned sea vessels and patrol air craft to protect it.
The zone, which includes natural gas fields Leviathan and Tamar, is the size of the State of Israel, and it will up be to the navy to defend this vital national asset from terrorist threats and hostile states.
IAI's Katana is a multifunctional vessel and 'marine system' that provides various capabilities such as advanced communications, weapons systems, and varied payloads.
The system can also be adapted to existing vessels and has the option of being used as an unmanned surface vessel from a remote control center, or by a live crew.