Watch: Disabled IDF soldiers given a place to blossom

Israeli organization "Lend a Hand to a Special Child" helps special needs youth fulfill dream to serve in the IDF.

Disabled soldiers (photo credit: screenshot)
Disabled soldiers
(photo credit: screenshot)
Take a tour with Jpost TV as we explore the world of "Yad leYeled HaMeyuchad" (Lend a hand to a Special Child). The organization, established in 2004 by parents of children with special needs, provides a range of services to children with special challenges.
The organization's newest push is to assist special needs teenagers who want to volunteer for army service. The youth are not required to serve but have volunteered to do so.
The project assists the new soldiers with daily tasks and gives them the ability to integrate into the army system.
The soldiers are recognized by the army just as any other soldier would be, but they often are unable, due to disabilities, to partake in daily activities required by soldiers.
There are a few IDF bases around the country, including Palmachim base in central Israel, that facilitate a program that cooperates with special needs soldiers.
The army appreciates and values the soldiers' service, as they often do tasks that other soldiers deem as mundane, such as folding and organizing. The organization receives many requests from various bases around the country interested in taking such soldiers.
At the end of the day, the soldiers return to a hostel and live communally. This assists them in living independently from their families while still receiving the medical and social attention they often need.
Following their service, the organization helps them find jobs. The group prides itself on the many success stories that have come from their project.