WATCH: Islamic Jihad in Hebrew - 'Get out of our country'

In a Youtube video, an Islamic Jihadist says that Israelis will die or be kidnapped if the IDF invades Gaza.

Islamic Jihad YouTube video (photo credit: screenshot)
Islamic Jihad YouTube video
(photo credit: screenshot)
In a Youtube video posted on Wednesday night after a barrage of more than 40 rockets from Gaza fell in Israel, a member of the Islamic Jihad threatened the IDF against invading Gaza.
"Al-Quds Brigades is ready for your invasion and if you come there will be no other option than for you to die or become prisoners," the anonymous jihadist, laden in head-to-toe black, read from a piece of paper.
"You wont ever have security in 'our' country. Don't sacrifice your life for your leaders. We are inviting you to get out of our country and search for a new country," he added.
Islamic Jihad's military wing, the al-Quds Brigades took responsibility for Wednesday’s attacks, claiming that more than 90 rockets and shells had been fired at Israel, a spokesman for the group’s armed wing, al-Quds Brigades, told Palestinian news agency Ma’an.
“You haven’t yet seen the extent of our capabilities,” the al-Quds spokesman said, additionally threatening longer-range projectile strikes on Israel if the IDF retaliated.