All pro-Israel Jewish groups to be dismantled to liberate Palestinians - Iranian media

"It is perfectly legitimate to target‘Jewish’groups that support Zionist crimes," said Press TV. "The Mapping Project, to its credit, is already doing that."

An Iranian flag flutters in front of the IAEA headquarters in Vienna (photo credit: REUTERS/ LEONHARD FOEGER)
An Iranian flag flutters in front of the IAEA headquarters in Vienna

Jewish groups that are pro-Israel will all be dismantled "as part of the process of liberating Palestine" using tools like the Boston Mapping Project, Iranian state media declared last Saturday.

Iran's Press TV released a report praising, and calling to expand and utilize the "innovative new anti-Zionist initiative" that maps out a network of Boston Jewish and Zionist institutions with any relations to Israel and connects them to various "harms" and US media, police, and politicians. 

"The Mapping Project is performing an extremely useful service in making visible the hidden connection of the groups with the crimes of the occupation regime," said Press TV reporter Bianca Rahmi.

"The sooner it's rolled out all over the world the sooner it will be able to contribute significantly to the liberation of Palestine, the sooner we will be able to dismantle all Zionist organizations — Every single one."

Pro-Israel Jewish groups are legitimate targets

The Iranian state outlet dismissed concerns by Jewish organizations that The Mapping Project was targeting Jewish groups, as it said that only around 30 could be considered Jewish. Further, it disputed the description of organizations as Jewish groups if they were determined to be "pro-Israel" in any manner.

"The key point to be clear about here is that these are not groups that relate only to the Jewish faith or Jewish community as a whole, rather every one that is mentioned is directly involved in pro-Israel advocacy," said Press TV. "They should all, therefore, be described as ZIonist, not Jewish groups."

 BDS ACTIVISTS in action (credit: GALI TIBBON / AFP) BDS ACTIVISTS in action (credit: GALI TIBBON / AFP)

The Mapping Project listed Boston Jewish groups with any degree of connection to Israel.

Targeted for any Israel association

"The notion that the Mapping Project doesn’t target Jewish institutions is completely false," said analyst Eitan Fischberger. "It singles out explicitly Jewish NGOs, foundations, and newspapers. Entities that don’t have 'Jewish' in their name are still referred to as such on the project’s website, like the Jewish high school Gann Academy and Yachad, a Jewish organization that assists people with disabilities."

According to the project's data, it included Yachad New England, which helps Jewish disabled individuals and their families, because one of the programs it offers is a trip to Israel.

Gann Academy was  tied to Zionism and US imperialism by the initiative because the school offers a travel program to Israel. The map also claims the schools have Zionism in their student clubs and curriculum.

The Harvard Center for Jewish Studies was included in the data for giving "legitimacy to the mythological underpinnings of Zionism" by having an exhibit on ancient Israel, excavations in Israel, and for a study of Philistine DNA that found that they had immigrated from across the Mediterranean. Press TV noted that the center had associated with Hillel and the "extremist group" Chabad.

Press TV also noted that the anti-racism and counter-antisemitism group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was included on the map, which Rahmi described as "a lobby group pursuing manufactured antisemitism claims as well as fulfilling its function as a spy agency on behalf of Mossad."

"It is perfectly legitimate to target Jewish groups that support Zionist crimes, just as it is to target Christian groups that do the same," wrote Press TV. "The Mapping Project, to its credit is already doing that."

Turning on Jewish pro-Palestinian activists

Press TV host Chris Williamson said that the Mapping Project was "subjected to predictable assaults by the Zionist movement." The segment also attacked "supposed allies" of Palestinians such as "alleged Palestine rights advocate" Ariel Gold, who expressed fear that the map could be used by extremists to commit acts of violence against Jews. These fears were dismissed as absurd.

Gold and other Jewish Pro-Palestinian activists have been attacked by proponents of the map for their concerns about some of the content. The Jisr Collective media group blasted Gold, "Zionist settler and beneficiary of zionist security technology" former Jewish Voice for Peace executive director Rebecca Vilkomerson, and others. 

Jisr also criticized the BDS National Committee for distancing itself from the Mapping Project over indications it supported violent resistance and demanded that BDS Boston do the same. 

"The best response to [criticism] from BDS Boston should be to intensify the targeting of Zionist and pro-Israel groups so they can be more effectively seen and held accountable," said Press TV. "The project should be rolled out in all 50 US states as well as internationally. In the end, of course, like all other racist groups, each one will have to be dismantled as part of the process of liberating Palestine."

"As suspicions have emerged that the Islamic Republic of Iran is connected to the anonymous collective that built the Mapping Project website, it's no surprise that Iranian state TV is trying to excuse the project’s antisemitism," said Fischberger.