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Harvard researcher says he reversed his aging with these 4 steps

The researcher is an anti-aging expert who has been dealing with the subject for years. How has Harvard researcher David Sinclair reversed his aging?


Did rising sea levels push the Vikings out of Greenland? - study

The mystery of the disappearance of Vikings from Greenland has long been the subject of debate. This new study found that sea levels rose due to the Little Ice Age.


Harvard student travels world to find common ground for Jews, Arabs

Isaac Ohrenstein: “It is safer to be Jewish in some Arab counties than in Europe.”

Harvard University academic collaboration with TAU

The Tel Aviv University hosted a delegation from Harvard University. The visit was focused on the strategic goals and challenges of each university.

Harvard University has capitulated to antisemitism - opinion

Harvard has not only exposed its cowardice. It has also contributed to the growth of systemic antisemitism on its campus and campuses across the US.


Over 150 US law professors sign statement opposing judicial reform

The signatories' concern lay with the speed and scale of the reforms.

Harvard offers fellowship to Israel critic Ken Roth after controversy

Harvard initially vetoed the decision to offer Roth the fellowship, allegedly because of Roth’s 'anti-Israel bias.'


Harvard's critics should do better than concoct anti-Jewish conspiracies - opinion

According to the article, his perceived “anti-Israel bias” – particularly his tweets on Israel – were of special concern to the decision-makers at the school


Ex-HRW head Ken Roth denied Harvard fellowship due to 'anti-Israel bias' - report

During Roth's tenure as the head of HRW, the watchdog NGO was often criticized for its statements and publications against Israel, including accusing the Jewish state of apartheid.

JCT launches campaign to combat mental health stigma in Israel

The display features life-sized posters of individuals with mental health challenges who volunteered to publicly and boldly share their personal struggles.

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